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Default The Resteraunt$ Challenge!
The Diner is Old; Catering and Cleaning as a Maid? Boring! Break Out!

Empty, Large rooms for lease; all of them surrounding a courtyard - for Fresh Food Ingredients!

L.T.W: Culinary Genius!

All Restaurants, in Eight different buildings, all connected by the back kitchens and green
courtyard, all share ingredients for each dish. 

Goal One: Run and Become a Partner of all 8 Restaurants - you should be able to see inside all 

of them as one unit; all should be Culturally and Appropriately Themed. Authenticity is Key!

 Check up on and Run:

Chinese Restaurant,
French Restaurant,
Indian Restaurant,
Egyptian Restaurant,
Greek Restaurant,
African Restaurant,
Mexican Restaurant,
Japanese Restaurant,

Now, Kitchens and Food!

Themed Restaurants; Regular Stoves, Counters, Sinks; all must be Stainless Steel.

You CANNOT use the Bistro Set, or its Stoves and Magical Food Appearing by opening a plate.
You can ONLY use the Menus. Every dish is made from scratch. From Courtyard Farm to Table.( For More Realism )

Yes, you can use the Fortune Cookie Machine in the Chinese Restaurant!

Buy and be a Partner as soon as you can when you buy. 

There are also downloadable food -

BONUS: Choose One - If all Eight Restaurants are a Success, and Thriving, Add, 

Irish Pub: Make Wine, and Stews, and Stew, - and Wine, a Winery - and Grape Fields.

Coffee Lodge: Stone Fireplace with Two, University Dessert Bars, and Fresh French Beverage 

Machine - Books?

Hawaiian Punch - Tropical Bar; Fresh Ocean Fish + Fresh Fruits! 

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