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Default La Iglesia del diamante verde (The Church of the Green Diamond)
So, whenever I play Isla Paradiso, I automatically remove the resorts. On top of the hill where the La Costa Verde resort used to be, I'd like to put a church/ cathedral. HOWEVER! I have no building skills and the lots I get from the exchange just don't feel right to me. I'm sending out a call to build this place to my specifications!

This church/cathedral must have:

- an underground crypt. (actual remains not required for this crypt)
- Said crypt will use the doorway of life and death in some capacity. The Doorway must be underground, NOT set as the front door
- Above-ground altar space dedicated to worshipping the plumbob, the "green diamond" in the name of the church.
- a small apartment for the caretaker of the place.
- 60x60 lot size or smaller.
- NO TOMB FEATURES. this means no hidden treasure, no traps, and nothing else typical of a WA tomb lot.
- a garden area for sims to relax and appreciate nature.
- No custom content. Store and expansion packs only.

Have fun!
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Hi, I think this is a request and this site doesn't allow requests:

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