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Default Music Preferences Mod: Favorite Radio Stations, Stereo Ownership, Dancing Autonomy
I don't know how to name it without sticking everything in one sentence

The story. I was playing one sim and thinking: this is totally the kind of guy that listens to classical music for fun, and he probably even knows waltz. And then I thought, it'd be cool if sims knew their preferences and listened to appropriate music, without me having to remember too much and control their every step, since I play a lot of sims.
So I made this mod, and I offer you to try it out. I tested it a little bit, but I still might tweak some things based on your feedback and my own gameplay, and fix bugs, if there are any.

Sims may have favorite and hated radio stations! Dancing, listening and working out to their favorites is a bit more fun and a tiny bit less tiring. Sims are more likely to dance to the music they like rather then dislike, and sometimes may switch stations by themselves. As a bonus, they can "own" stereos so that no one else turns them on and plays something DREADFUL.

Plan Of Attack
1. Make sure you have any EP/SP starting with Pets or later. I can only test on UC, but I've put some effort into compatibility, and hopefully haven't missed anything.
2. Download one MAIN package. You must have it.
3. Pick and choose any number of additional files. They are optional, but recommended. For now, I divided everything into three packages, but I can split them into even smaller parts.
4. Run HCDU or a similar program after downloading. The mod contains overrides, but most conflicts with other mods may probably be resolved by load order.


(hopefully you'll help me fill out this section with some)
The mod may conflict with other mods that modify stereos, various dancing interactions and their autonomy.
⦁ Most conflicts you'll probably be able to resolve by load order. For example, you have a mod that restricts slap dancing autonomy and then you have my "autonomy" mod that makes it dependable on favorites. Decide which feature you want more and let that mod override the other (should load later). If you let me know, I will consider merging them (unless they totally contradict each other).
⦁ Some conflicts may be trickier. If another mod adds new interactions to stereos, one of the mods might not work.
⦁ Feel free to post your reports or questions in the comments. I might be able to do something about the conflicts.
Known conflicts:
- No Dancing In Silence by TwoJeffs that makes dancing on toes impossible without the music (the mod that is loaded last wins).
- BO's Less Dance on Toes that also modifies dancing on toes autonomy (the mod that is loaded last wins).
Doesn't conflict with:
- HB_randomStereoStations that makes newly bought stereos start on a random station when they first turned on. I use it myself.


Main. Get one of these. The difference is what station sims turn on if they have no favorites (see Turning On).
- Music_Preferences_MAIN_RandOrFave
- Music_Preferences_MAIN_PrevOrFave
Optional. Get any, none or all of these:
- Music_Preferences_AddonMotives - for different fun gain and energy drain (see Motives Effects).
- Music_Preferences_AddonAutonomy - so that autonomy is affected by preferences (see Dancing and Listening).
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That issue with always getting the same type of music on new sterio units always bothered me and it was always a royal pain to have to switch manually and to make sure it wan't on the wrong station.
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I updated the autonomy file to discourage sims 1) from dancing on toes without the music and 2) from dancing smustle/solo/hula/slap/together to classical music. It's discouraged but not outright banned.


Originally Posted by TadOlson
That issue with always getting the same type of music on new sterio units always bothered me and it was always a royal pain to have to switch manually and to make sure it wan't on the wrong station.

If you’re only interested in not having salsa on all newly bought stereos, I recommend HB_randomStereoStations: https://hexagonal-bipyramid.tumblr....-aka-im-sick-of (although they excluded BV and FT stations for some reason, but the mod works fine).
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