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Default The Landlord Challenge
Your town is a big place! So big, you can actually buy up lots and make money off of them! But what if you could ONLY make money off of them? We're gonna see if that works.

Le steps:

1. Create your Landlord sim. Make them however you'd like, but be sure they DO NOT have a lifetime wish tied to attaining a high rank in a career or profession. No Jack of all trades either, as this sim is not allowed to get any job outside of being a landlord.
2. Put them into a world of your choosing and cheat 500,000 Simoleans into the family funds.
3. With the 500,000 simoleans you've got, purchase any community lot you'd like. Use the remaining funds to upgrade the lot to a three-star ranking.
4. When you can afford to do so, Buy more community lots and upgrade them to three-star rankings.
5. You can buy out rabbitholes too if you wish.
6. While waiting for funds to accumulate, have your sim lead the life you want them to. But remember THEY CANNOT HAVE A PAYING JOB. Not even a skill career.
7. Your sim can start a family if they wish, and the other family members can have jobs, but the landlord cannot.
8. The Landlord Sim is not allowed to own any empty lots. You must put some sort of commercial venture on them.
9. The challenge is over when there are no more properties left to buy or improve.

Have fun!
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