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Default Witch! Healer? Deadly Dealer? You Decide!
Fire, Candles, Candelabras; this is your only lighting.
No oil for oil lamps; torches for external use. 
Write, or read, by CandelFire; Many cannot read or write. 
- 1603 - The Cathedral is a Kingdom of Angels and Colored Light. 

A small, modest Dutch Village; a Secret Witch. He, is very hard to find. Accused witches are crisp in the air.

Live Alone.
 Head Doctor; 17; Married; two girls, one son, all four sent away, Safe. 
The Middle Ages, are not a happy time. 

Farms burn from the Plague; People die of sickness.
Mass Graves. Lighted Pumpkins. Eternal Fall. 

People come out of their Coffins; Vampires,

Graves Bubble; Zombies,
Graves Destroyed; Restless Ghosts,

Wolves Howl; Werewolves, 

Witch Healers - Only the Witches know the Secrets of the Healing Arts! Misfortune; and the Witch is Burned. Fire. 

Vampires; a Steal Dagger; Burn the Heart,

Zombies; a Beheading, 

Ghosts; lead into the Light; Haunting the Dutch Settlement. 
Burn and Salt the Bones.
Werewolves; Silver Bullets;

The Black Shuck; Burning Slashes on the Cathedral Doors; 

The Charnel House is Built by the Cathedral; so is the Hanging Tree. 

Nothing Else but hardship; The Witch, he has come! 
Healer? Deadly Dealer? You Decide!

~ 1603
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