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Default [WIP] Face Template/Preset Editor

This is a rather quickly made program I came up with while investigating face presets with a couple friends.

It allows for the creation and modification of face presets/templates. You do this by creating a list of sliders, which point to FACE resources which can be found in FullBuild0.package and DeltaBuild0.package in the Basegame, then set a slider value for them. You can even adjust these values to go off-bounds if you desire, and finally import the generated resource into a package, give it a proper TGI (Type, Group and Instance IDs) and drop it into your mods folder.

The source code is available on Github, and it has a Wiki with a tutorial on how to use the program and create your own non-default face preset.

I realize the program is not exactly user friendly and easy to use, so some advice and feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Of course, feel free to make pull requests/forks if you feel like contributing directly to the code. I believe the next step would be to integrate S3PI into it, if I can even get around to it, so that sliders can be chosen from a list rather than having to scour through the game files to find them.

I highly recommend you read the Wiki, so you understand how the program works and what's going on.
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