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Default The Sims 4 Not So Berry Challenge Extended Rules (Unofficial)
Not So Berry Challenge (Extended)
By friendlyArtist

Generation 11 – Brown
You had the perfect upbringing; a large family, good parents, and everything you needed. Except for one thing: Lots of Dogs! You didn’t want to have a perfect white-picket fence style life with a spouse and kids. You’d rather spend your time devoting yourself to stray animals and other people’s pets. You might have a kid or two, but one thing is for sure: you will have a lot of dogs.
• Traits: Dog Lover, Outgoing, Loves the Outdoors
• Aspiration: Friend of the Animals
• Goals:
o Master the Pet Training and Veterinarian Skills
o Five Star Vet
o Raise at least two puppies from birth to elder.

Generation 12 – Lime
While your parent spent their time at the vet, you spent your time reading up on your greatest passion. You loved the story of Sulani’s spirits and hidden treasures. When you are older you want to make your own home in Sulani, and when you say make your home, you mean it literally. You want to make everything you can.
• Traits: Green Fiend, Insider, Child of the Island
• Aspiration: Master Maker
• Goals:
o Be a Freelancer Crafter and do Odd Jobs
o Have a child with an island spirit.
o Fill house with mostly crafted goods.
o Master Fabrication and Handiness Skills

Generation 13 – White
Being the child of a spirit, you feel more in tune with the island and want to pick up where your parents left off: cleaning the island and completing the legendary mural of the cave. You also have dreams of becoming a mermaid princess. Maybe not a princess literally, but you want to become a mermaid nonetheless.
• Traits: Child of the Ocean, Freegan, Childish
• Aspiration: Curator
• Goals:
o Complete Conservationist Career
o Clean Up Sulani and Complete the Cave Mural
o Become a Mermaid

Generation 14 – Sky
Your parent may have been obsessed with the island and mermaids, but you, you’re different. You are dark, brooding, and fascinated with the deep and the dark. You want to shed your scales and turn them in for a pair of fangs. But to survive as a vampire, you will need to make money in other ways to reduce the daylight hours.
• Traits: Loner, Neat, Bookworm
• Aspiration: Master Vampire
• Goals:
o Make at least 5k a week in various royalties at least once.
o Become a Vampire

Generation 15 – Black
Unlike the rest of your family, you became a day walker. And you want to let yourself shine in the spot light. Being raised in a close-knit vampire family, you were spoiled and it may have gone to your head a little, but that won’t stop you.
• Traits: Ambitious, Active, Self-Absorbed
• Aspiration: Master Actor
• Goals:
o Complete the Actor career
o Master Acting and Singing Skills
o Marry a Spellcaster for fame, then find love with them.
o Be worth at least 100k simoleons.

Generation 16 – Lavender
Being born a spellcaster and not a vampire, you were not very close with your parent. You instead became close to the family pets and the strays of Brindleton Bay. You decide one day to move out and start a family of your own, with plenty of love and cats. You also dream of making money off your greatest hobby: Knitting!
• Traits: Creative, Good, Cat Lover
• Aspiration: Lady/Lord of the Knits
• Goals:
o Complete the Painter Career
o Own three cats and have only one child.
o Master Knitting, Painting, and Writing Skills.
o Have a wall dedicated to your cats, in painting or photos.
o Be best friends with child.

Generation 17 – Indigo
Your parent always wanted you to follow your dreams. And your dreams led you to the ruins in Selvadorada. You want to explore every nook and cranny and examine all the artifacts you can. Your personal hoard is your greatest treasure.
• Traits: Bro, Art Lover, Cheerful
• Aspirations: Jungle Explorer and Archaeology Scholar
• Goals:
o Master Fitness and Archaeology Skills
o Have a private collection devoted to your treasure hoard
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