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Recolor's not showing up in game driving me crazy
I've been trying to get into recoloring again. The problem is I cant seem to get the objects to show up in the game or if they do they are black, blue or white with coding or something on the. I should say I'm recoloring bedding for a room I want to create.
When I reopen the PKG in SimPE the texture file is either black or it has reverted to the original texture. I used to do this all the time before yrs ago and the are fine.
I'm running Windows 11 and have Sims 2 Ultimate collection. Please help. I'm at my wits end and am going to do great bodily harm to my computer. (not really) :D
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Perhaps you could describe how you made the recolour package?

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Do you have an example recolor file you can upload? It gives a better idea of what could've gone wrong. I've just listed a few examples below, but it's a bit easier with an example file.

For bedding, you need to recolor the Colonial Ironwood Bed, and select the bedding only. There's a tutorial here:

The size of the texture needs to be within a particular set of dimensions (often 1024 or 512 pixels either side, depending on the item - use the original size if one or both of the sides already is 1024 pixels. If it's smaller than that and you want to make it bigger, you have to exactly double it on both sides). Bedding is 1024x512, so make sure you've kept that size for your files.

You need to use PNG or DDS files. Don't use JPG files. I think a few other formats can be used, but PNGs are most in use.

If you use PNG files, it's a good idea to use the DDS Nvidia utilities so you can texture with DXT3 or 5 - it gives a better result than just the "import" function (and it updates all the sizes automatically). If you choose to use the "import" function, you need to do "update all sizes" so the smaller mipmaps update properly.

You also need to click the "Commit" button after replacing the texture and before saving the file, or the changes won't stick.

If you recolor certain ingame items, you may need the CEP for recoloring to work.
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15th Jun 2022 at 8:10 PM
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I used jpeg files, I'll convert them to png and see if that works, thanks
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Ok, I tried again and I get the same results.
I've made a zip file, I sure hope you can help me, I'm at a loss.
and I'm gonna feel pretty stupid if its something simple I keep forgetting!
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The "Jerris_Green_Daisey_Bedding" looks like it should be working.

The "pkgnotworking" file has an invisible/empty texture, so most likely it's something wrong with the texture size, type or format you used.

I think you need 24-bit PNGs, so if you're using Gimp to save the pictures, make sure that format is right, too. This can sometimes be an issue with Bodyshop, so I'd imagine it can be an issue in SimPE, too. Photoshop seems to have this as the default setting, but Gimp has a few extra buttons to click.
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Originally Posted by simmer22
I think you need 24-bit PNGs,

Yes the PNGs are 24 bit, I'm using Print Shop to edit and the Green bedding is the example of the working recolor. Thank you for the help
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Just had a very quick look at your package and noticed the TXTR Filename says Blue and the MMAT and TXMT File List Name & stdMatBaseTextureName say Pink. I changed the the pink in TXMT File List Name & stdMatBaseTextureName to blue, changed the stdMatBaseTextureEnabled to 1 and now have invisible bedding, if you do not want invisible bedding leave the stdMatBaseTextureEnabled at 0 and add a texture.

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^ The problem is the invisible bedding.
The TXTR is named after whichever bedding you use as the base.

Could be some of the base beddings give you a bad result for some reason, so try with a different one (the one that's marked when you choose your recolor is the one that gets picked), or that you've got some CC interfering with the result (this is CC in the install area, rarely in the Downloads folder).

Are you using DXT texturing? If so, make sure to choose "none" for the sharpen and filter options.

Also make sure you don't have the texture somehow set with a black background alpha. Shouldn't be an issue with PNGs since they only have one layer, but it can be an issue if you've been using other formats like DDS files.
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Originally Posted by simmer22
^Are you using DXT texturing? If so, make sure to choose "none" for the sharpen and filter options.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! That is what I was doing wrong. You have saved my Husbands sanity!
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