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Need help with the mod descriptions
It's a pretty strange request, so I'm not sure I'm posting it in the right place (or if this kind of request is allowed at all)?

I'm looking for a person who could be so kind to check the text parts (mostly descriptions for moodlets) of my mod, if that's possible?
English isn't my first language, I'm very far from being great at it, so it would be nice to make sure the text in my mod makes sense and not very irritating to read for the native speakers! Overall, I'm not considering the text to be some kind of ✨wonderful masterpiece✨ of any sort, so if I can simply manage to get the thought across without any obvious grammar errors, I'm more than happy with it.

It's not required, but If you happen to be willing to put this much effort into a stranger's project, I'm also open to some feedback and creative input — any suggestions about the wording, for example, as my own vocabulary is quite limited. I'd like to keep it simple, yet not too plain and inexpressive, but I'd love to hear an opinion and I'm ready to discuss things, if you are interested in helping.

Fair warning — although the descriptions are pretty short, there's about fifty moodlets in the mod, so overall it's quite a lot of text (for that reason, I put it in a "Google Sheets" document).

The mod itself is about adding a little bit of extra flavor to vampires' gameplay (bunch of moodlets, couple of new social interactions), but nothing extreme (also no adult content included). So, yeah, vampires stuff, beware if that's not the thing you like!

If the things listed above sound okay to you, please, leave a comment, and I'll contact you via private messages.
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