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Default Sims 2 Challenge: The Good Rep
Sims 2 Challenge: The Good Rep

This is a Sims 2 Legacy Challenge and In this legacy Challenge, you have 5 Generations.

Did you know that in The Sims 2 they have a reputation meter? If your reputation gets high enough then a woman will come up to you and be your friend and tell you that she will make the build buy and furniture in your game CHEAPER, but if you have a terrible reputation she will make the furniture cost much higher in the build buy section.

And this challenge we have decided that we will have you use a couple of things you didn't use in The Sims.
First generation:
Make a sim and make the sim the nicest sim ever.

Your job is to make your Sims reputation go up by being as nice to as many Sims as possible and making best friends BFFs etc.

1. No cheats.

2. Grow your friendship organically.

3. Be nice to all Sims you meet, for a good reputation is key.

4. Mods allowed

❤️Befriend 100 Sims in total
❤️Have children or adopt. You can get married to do so.
❤️Your good reputation bar is maxed out to full green
Second generation:

Your child has always been a problem child. Not only were they horrible to you, but they were also horrible to others around you.

1. Make the child as mean as possible.

2. No dissapline for the child.

3. No chores for the child (A spoiled brat)

4. Make the child mean to everyone they meet


6. Grow enemies organically

7. Mods are allowed

8. Adopt if no one will marry your sim (You... May not be able to get a wife)

9. You can have a good relationship with a child, but not your wife or husband

Have 100 Enemies
Your bad reputation bar is maxed out to full red
Generation 3:
?Mixed messages?

You have a history of your dad being a total jerk to everyone he meets. Not one person likes him, even your mother hates him. You don't know how to be nice, you try, but you say something rude instead because you were trained to give out rudeness like your father.

1. Be rude to people, then nice to the same sim you were rude to

2. No cheats

3. Mods are allowed

4. Adopt if no one will marry your sim

Be nice and rude to at least 100 sims
Generation 4:
Romantic Purposes

You want to be with every sim there is. You don't wanna settle down!

1. Romance everyone of the opposite gender you meet

2. Have a baby with as many Sims as you can

3. Never commit to any sim

4. You can move in kids with yourself if you want


6. Mods allowed

7. Adopt (since you won't be allowed to marry) if you have to

Have at least 100 lovers, no woohoo needed to accomplish this goal
Generation 5:
Empty Heart

You don't want relationships. You want to be a hermit. No friends, nothing.

This is the last generation.

1. Have your sim not talk to anyone for 100 days.

2. Live in a remote area.


4. Mods allowed

5. This challenge starts when the sim is an adult, so when (s)he becomes one, have him/her argue with everyone (s)he loves and then cut them out of his/her life...

10. UNLESS (s)he has children, if (s)he does, then they are the only ones (s)he can be in contact with or communicate with.

11. You must have your sim leave his/her wife/husband

12. Use this time to build your Sims skills to max, care for them, and if they have kids, train the children.

❇️Be alone for 100 days OR only with your children for 100 days

❇️Children are maxed in skills

❇️Your sim is maxed in job, school and skills
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