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It's a career mod that causes sims to live the life of my characters in my book: The Sin's Hour

It has different Job tracks that are canon to the lifestyle of the characters in the book. Like night doctors, police, etc. Right now, I'm working on Translating the file. However, doesn't have all languages inserted. It'd be nice if you could translate this mod.

I'll be translating English, Chinese and Japanese. The reason I will translate Japanese is that a lot of Japanese people are gamers. The Japanese update will come soon, but for now, we'll be uploading the Chinese and English translations This is because I wanna get this mod uploaded soon and The translating process can take a while. We've JUST finished the Chinese translation, now all I have to do is update the mod and it'll be ready to upload.

UPDATE: It's Here. Link to the sims file share:
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It is being uploaded.
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