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Default The Sims 2 Expansion Challenge or Lepancy (my version)
Hi this is the first post I make here (and I'm still using the translator to write and so it can be kind of bad to understand) this is the expansion challenge or also Lepancy well some rules I ended up inventing so if I don't do too much I wanted to say that I was inspired by some rules of some other creator that I unfortunately didn't find his name and I don't know if it was here or in some other challenge site that I found him I even I have a file with his rules that I ended up inspired by that I thought it had his name but it's only written at the end that he has a tumblr and a youtube channel but I couldn't find it but the stories I made up my mind if it's too bad sorry, but well I'm playing this challenge on the sims 2 and I'm in the third generation so maybe I can change something. well I hope you who are going to play the challenge have fun and good I think that and this you can read the challenge now:

Expansion Challenge Rules:
-As you complete each generation you will unlock packages and their resources. (Like Furniture, Cities, Careers, Clothes Etc...).
-Cheats can be used to buy the first house (don't go overboard), to live in worlds that are not liveable and Bugs.
-For you to move a sim to another neighborhood you have to move your family to the house stock and move to another neighborhood (NOTE: you will lose any relationship you had in the other neighborhood so be aware of this.)
-Do not use any non-generation package until you complete it.
-If you can't complete the generation if you have a child you can redo the generation. (If you want to see it)
-If you have a custom career that you thought would suit the story better, that's also allowed.
-Allowed object collections.
-CC allowed.
-Mods allowed is recommended.

Generation 1 Base Game:
You didn't really like the basics but you had to live in it, you want to reach the maximum in your career to give your kids everything and live a happy life with them, you got married once and regretted it, so you want to take care of your kids alone because she thinks a husband will get in the way of her life and career again.

-World: Any base game world or Custom

-Aspiration: Wealth

-Career: Any of these careers: Business, Medicine, Military, Criminal, Police, Politics, Scientific, Culinary, Athletics, Opportunist.

-Rules of the Base Game Generation:

- Achieve the maximum in your career.
-Have 50,000 simoleons in the family.
-Have at least 2 children and adopt a child.
-Make sure all your children attend a private school.
-Marry a co-worker and separate (OBS: You can't have children when you marry him, you can get pregnant but you will have to separate before your belly appears.).
-Caring for children alone and not getting married until they are teenagers.
-Having a boyfriend.
-Reach level 10 in the cooking skill.

Generation 2 University Life:
You saw your mother succeed without helping any, it inspired you to succeed and you went to university! For you, study and first place, but you are not those people who only stay in their room studying, seriously, we are at university Bro.

-World: Any base game world or Custom

-Aspiration: Romance, Popularity or Knowledge

-Career: Any of these careers: Natural Scientist, Paranormal, Show Business or Artist.

Rules of the University Life Generation:

-Get at least 4 bags.
-Take high grades at university.
-Reach level 10 in the creativity skill.
-Have 3 Novels at university.
-Become a member of the secret society.
- Throw a graduation party.
- Achieve the maximum in your career.

Generation 3 Nightlife:
You are a sim that is not there for anything, you didn't want to study and worked odd jobs to earn your own money, your parents didn't approve of your attitude and when they slept you went out hiding to celebrate and kiss some sims, in one of these outings you ended up getting pregnant from a sim you barely know.

-World: Downtown(Cheat) or Any base game world or Custom.

- Aspiration: Pleasure

-Career: Opportunist (Adolescent) and Criminal (Adult)

3rd Generation Nightlife Rules:

-Meet your child's future father or mother on an outing.
-Have 5 encounters with 5 different sims and at least 2 of them have to be a dream date.
-Having a child out of wedlock.
-Divorce your spouse and not marry again.
-Dine and run successfully.
-Have negative friendships with your parents.
-Reach level 10 in Charisma.
-Befriend a vampire or become a vampire.

Generation 4 Open for Business:
You go out to stores to get away from home and your troubled family, you enjoyed seeing the happy faces of people buying your stuff, it inspired you to open your own business, you never understood why your parents didn't want to be together That's why you want to get married soon and live with your spouse and have a big and happy family, you also don't want to just focus on your career, you want to be present with your children and teach them everything they need to know differently from their parents. .

-World: Any world from previous packs or Custom.


-Career: You will open a business but if you want a job, you can choose to be in the base game or university.

-Open for Business Generation Rules:

-have your lemonade stand as a kid.
-To be a success in adolescence.
-Have a business with 5 stars or more. (if you want to have more than one business)
-Achieve gold in one of the following talent emblems: Sales, Registration, Inventory, Cosmetology, Flower Arranging, Robotics, or Toy Making.
- Adopt at least 1 child.

Generation 5 Pets:

You always loved pets, if you could, you would adopt all the street pets, but your house was very full so your parents wouldn't let you have a pet, but now that you live alone and own your own life, you adopt many animals to your family. when your child is born you don't care much as your pets are more important.

-World: Any world from previous packs.

- Aspiration: Knowledge

-Career: Pursue a business or medical career (you can also download a personalized vet career if you want.)

Rules of the Pets Generation:

-Have at least one dog or cat or hamster or bird.
-become pregnant or impregnate someone only once.
-marry someone who works in the science career.
-Teach at least one pet all commands.
-Free one of your pets.
-Make a pet reach the top of any career.
-(Optional)Befriend the pack leader or become a werewolf.

Generation 6 Four Seasons:
You always stayed in the background and your parents preferred animals and science over you, the day you moved they didn't even care, you took your pet and went to beautiful hill to find your true love and enjoyed the seasons.

World: Riverblossom Hills or Custom

Aspiration:Family or Grilled Cheese.

Career: Educator

Generation Four Seasons Rules:

-Move to Colina Formosa with Your Pet.
-fish every Sunday (You can have a lake at home).
-Have a gardening or fishing talent badge.
-Make your sim live all seasons.
-have a garden.
-(Optional)Befriend a Plantasim or become a Plantasim.

Generation 7 Bon Voyage:
You wanted to travel the world alone but your parents wouldn't let you because they were very attached to you, when you grow up you move out of your parents' house so you can travel, you gather your things and boy voyage.

-World: Any world from previous packs.

- Aspiration: Pleasure or knowledge

- Career: Adventure

- Travel to each location at least once.
-Complete all 45 vacation memories.
-have a romance with a local on one of your trips.
-Adopt At least 1 child.
-Have a vacation home in at least one vacation destination.
-Plan a honeymoon.
- Achieve the maximum in physique and charisma.

Generation 8 Free Time:
You were popular in your teens and you loved it, but when you grew up you were filled with fear that your adult life would be a total failure. you did hobbies to have fun and forget about the problems in your life, you are afraid of the pain of childbirth so you adopt children to make sure you won't be a bad mother and to one day have the courage to get pregnant, you have many fears including get married then you have plenty of free time to train your skills so enjoy your free time.

-World: Any world from previous packs.

-Aspiration: Popularity

- Career: Architecture, Dance or Entertainment

-Must gain enthusiasm in one of the hobbies: Film and Literature, Arts and Crafts or Music and Dance.
-Discover a hobby group and become a hobby club member.
-Have a pottery or sewing talent badge.
- Adopt 2 children and get pregnant or get someone pregnant once.
-Subscribe to a maximum of 2 magazines.
-Marry only after adopting 2 children.
-Achieve the maximum in creativity, cleanliness and logic and 5 in at least two more.

Generation 9 Apartment Living:
You always liked magical things and wanted to become a witch, people called you crazy you didn't care, you wanted to get out of the house as soon as possible and ended up renting an apartment you couldn't afford on your own so you now have one Weird roommate but you're not normal either.

-World: Any world from previous packs.

- Aspiration: Knowledge

- Career: Paranormal

-You must live in an apartment.
-Having a roommate at some point.
-Have a butler.
-Become a witch.
-Have your magic skill at maximum.
-Marry your childhood friend.
-Achieve the maximum in logic, mechanics and cooking.
- (Optional)Move or build a mansion for your family at the end of your legacy or when you have enough money.

Well as I said I'm playing the challenge and I'm not sure I can do all this with the normal game time and I play with a mod that makes life a little longer so if you think you won't be able to change the rules for your gameplay.
Test Subject
#2 Old 20th Sep 2022 at 9:19 PM
i'll be trying this challenge thank you!
Mad Poster
#3 Old 23rd Sep 2022 at 8:43 PM
I've been planning to do something similar though it might be a little mied up like unlocking jobs when the kids grow up though vocational work at a workshop is fine for the first arrivals as my town would be starting as an early colonization effort back in the 16th century to settle in the new world in Harrow Creek.Pleasantview is also similar though it's starting in the 17th century.I'll just not activate any external districts right away in HC for at least the first generation as the town won't get too big for a while though the first generation to grow up there might need more space and OFB's shopping district option would be unlocked as the kids of the first arrivals began to come of age.
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