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Default Travis Studio - testing needed for new package editor
Hello everyone!
I recently started making my own package editor and CC designer tool as a side project, and it's now in a state where it needs testing.
There isn't much yet, the only functionality is opening packages and viewing most of the texture formats; this however is a base for everything else that will be added. What I'm looking for here is catastrophic failure: images not decoding, packages not opening, or outright crashing, these sorts of things. In theory everything should be fineā„¢, but sadly "works on my machine" is not satisfactory for me.

The build I've attached runs on 64-bit Windows 10 (or newer), however the code is fully cross-platform, and will be released under GPL v3 in the future.

I appreciate everyone's help!

Changes since the first build
  • 0.2.0
    • Added decoding support for more texture formats: RLE2, RLES and uncompressed DDS (these formats don't yet have an encoder, so if you save the package these will be wiped; don't overwrite your packages)
    • Package saving has had a bug in the previous release preventing the game from loading them, this has been fixed
    • On Windows you can associate .package files with the program to get a nice icon (and of course make it easier to open packages)
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