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Babies Guide

This guide is all about sim babies.

About Babies

Once babies are born, they'll remain in the baby stage for 3 days. During that time, they're pretty useless as sims go... Not many interactions you can do with them and they just sort of lay there, cry, and stink. By default, baby sims are not selectable, so you cannot view their motives/needs. You can make them selectable with the Tombstone of L&D or with the InSIMenator, though, if you want to monitor them more closely.

Caring for Babies

Baby sims will generally only cry when they are hungry or need changing.

  • If they're hungry, they'll just be crying, with no green stink cloud around them. Have your sim get a bottle for them by clicking on the fridge (has to be a full-size fridge - the University mini-fridge doesn't have bottles in it).
  • If they are crying and have a green stink cloud, they need their diaper changed. Either click on the baby and change their diaper directly, or on a changing table. It's a little better to use the changing table, as they'll dispose of the diaper while changing, rather than just tossing it on the floor, which drops environment scores pretty badly.
  • Changing the diaper should stop the stink cloud and raise the baby's hygiene, though you can also bathe the baby in a sink.

If your babies just keep crying, it's probably a bug from the Seasons expansion pack. You'll need to get the patch to fix this.

To raise relationships with the baby (or to get it to stop crying if you're having that constant-crying Seasons bug above) try cuddling or playing with the baby. You'll also get a "tuck in" interaction if you put the baby in a crib.

Sims will autonomously feed and take care of the baby, but they're generally abysmally bad at it - it may be helpful to turn off free will for a while and just control your sims yourself. It's not uncommon for sims to pick up a stinking, crying baby that's just been fed and try to stuff a bottle in its mouth, so keep an eye on them and make sure they're not being completely stupid about child care.

Don't let your baby sim cry too long - if they stay stinky or hungry for too long, the social worker will come and take them away!

Setting Up a Nursery

You can buy baby related stuff (crib and changing table) in the catalog under Buy - Misc - Kids. Babies only really need a crib and changing table - you don't need the high chair or any toys yet and really, you could get away with not having a crib or changing table, though it's a little trickier without them.

While you can have the baby in the parents' bedroom, it's generally best to have a separate nursery (even a small one) - if the baby starts crying while the parents are sleeping, it will wake both parents, which can be a problem when one needs to get up for work in the morning. You'll have to be vigilant and cancel the "sleep" interaction for one parent to have them care for the crying baby, though... An alternate method is to put a single bed in the nursery for the "parent on duty" so they'll be woken up if the baby cries. If you have multiple babies, you may want to have either multiple nurseries, or wall/fence up each of the cribs as one crying baby will wake all of the babies.

There's really no problem with just leaving your babies on the floor - they're just as comfortable there as they are in a crib, though it does seem a little weird.

It's best to either put the nursery near the kitchen, or add a second fridge to the nursery (or get a hacked bottle warmer/nursery fridge) as sims will have to go to the fridge to get a bottle, and it will take them a while to walk through the whole house to fetch it.

Baby Birthdays

Once three days have passed, your baby will be ready to age to toddler. They'll need an adult sim to help them. An adult sim will generally get the "help with birthday" interaction automatically and go and age the baby themselves. If this doesn't happen, or if you accidentally cancel the action, you should be able to click on the baby and choose "Help with birthday" to age them. If you have trouble that way (often a problem if you have twins or more as the interactions all pile up at once), try buying a birthday cake (Misc - Party) and have the adult take the baby to the cake. This should age them up.

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