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This guide is all about death in The Sims 2.

Different Ways A Sim Can Die

There are multiple ways a sim can die:

  • Burning
  • Cowplant (Uni)
  • Death by Elevator Crash (Open for Business)
  • Death by Flies
  • Death by Rally Forth! (Open for Business)
  • Death by Satellite
  • Death by Sunlight (Vampires in NL)
  • Disease
  • Drowning
  • Electrocution
  • Freeze to Death (Seasons)
  • Heat Stroke (Seasons)
  • Hit by Hail (Seasons)
  • Hit by Lightning (Seasons)
  • Old Age
  • Scared to Death
  • Spontaneous Combustion (Seasons)
  • Starvation

Pleading with Death

When a Sim dies of anything other than old age, surviving Sims may plead with the Grim Reaper to bring the dead Sim back to the land of the living, but only Sims with a high relationship with the deceased are likely to succeed. While the Reaper is making the arrangements, any Sim can interact with him and plead for their loved one. Death then agrees to a game of chance. It's not that much of a game of chance though, the Sim's daily/lifetime relationship score drastically affects the results:

  • The surviving Sim's daily/lifetime relationship scores added together must be at least 25
  • If the total is greater than 90, the number is reduced to 90 which gives even the closest relationship a 10% chance of failing.
  • The Grim Reaper picks a random number. If the adjusted total relationship score is higher than the random number, the Sim is brought back to life. If not, the plea is denied and the Sim remains deceased.

Mourning, Tombstones, and Urns

When Sims die, they leave behind either a tombstone (if they die outside) or an urn (if inside). You can move them from outside to inside (or vice versa) and it will change appropriately. The ghosts, however, won't like the move at all and will definitely let you know just how unhappy they are about it.

Tombstones and Urns:

  • Allow Sims to mourn for their dearly departed
  • Allow ghosts for wreak havoc

The kind of tombstone/urn Sims get depend on their Aspiration when they died. Elders with at least Gold Aspiration score get a special fancy tombstone/urn that displays their aspirational moniker.


  • Sims with a high lifetime relationship with the deceased Sim will mourn autonomously. The higher the lifetime score, the more intense the Sim will cry when mourning. Mourning is pretty frequent the day after a death but it tapers off after that.
  • Children or teenagers with low aspiration scores may autonomously smash an urn or kick a tombstone. (Sims who have a low lifetime score toward the departed Sim may do this also).

The Sim gets some fun from kicking tombstones but they get a lot more fun from smashing urns. Even though the urn is destroyed, that doesn't get rid of the ghost. This may be fun to the Sim but it comes with a price. The ghosts will be very upset about this and become very destructive. Removing the tombstone/urn in Build Mode or cleaning up the ashes of a smashed urn will rid the house from the ghost tied to it.


Ghosts' Appearance

Ghosts' appearance and general behavior reflect on how they died:

  • Burned: Red - smoking
  • Death by Flies: Purple
  • Death by Satellite: Orange
  • Disease: Green
  • Drowned: Blue - leave puddles behind
  • Electrocution: Yellow - spark and electrify occasionally
  • Hunger: Normal but transparent - open the fridge and remove five food units.
  • Old Age: White
  • Scared to Death: Pink

Ghosts' Behavior

  • Ghosts like to scare living Sims. Make sure you don't allow your Sims needs to drop low when a ghost is around or they could die of fright.
  • Ghosts appear only at night and disappear before sunrise - always near their urn/tombstone - or a former location if it's been moved to another spot on the lot.
  • Ghosts will wake your sleeping Sims up. So don't keep urns in your Sims' bedrooms or they'll never get a good night's rest!

Angry Ghosts

A happy ghost is annoying enough. An angry ghost can be a problem. Ghosts get angry for three reasons:

  • No Food: If a ghost died of hunger and there are either no refrigerators on the lot or a fridge is empty, the ghost will be angry. The solution to this is to buy or restock the fridge.
  • Spouse Remarries: If a dead Sim's spouse remarries, the dead Sim will not be a happy camper. The ghost will think about their spouse and the new-comer often (with a red X through their spouse's new love). The only way to calm this ghost down is for the living spouse to get divorced.
  • Family moves out: If the ghost's family has moved out, the ghost will be angry at any new residents.


Ghosts will haunt the lot until their urn or tombstone is removed via Buy mode. Ghost will disrupt living sims in various ways:

  • Making flowers wilt
  • Turning on TVs and stereos

Ghosts can also possess objects, manipulating them to scare your living Sims:

  • Dining chairs: Float even if a Sim is sitting on them
  • Microwave: Floats, opens, and closes
  • Surgical dummy: Floats
  • Table lamps: Float. If the ghost is angry, the lamp may be broken
  • Teddy bear: Floats and head rotates
  • Toy xylophone: Plays by itself
  • Tubs and shower tubs: Fill with water and bubbles. If the ghost is in a bad mood, he'll dirty the tub.

The level of a haunting is a matter of:

  • Whether the ghost is angry
  • Whether the ghosts' urn or tombstone has been smashed or kicked

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