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RightArrow.gif Free Objects for a Day

How much money you get back when you sell an objects is not determined by how many times or how long you use it, but by how many days you own it. If you sell it in the same day as buying, you will get a full refund.

RightArrow.gif Hidden NPC Traits

If your sim has a child with certain NPCs, their children can inherit hidden traits.

  • Children of maids can inherit the Makes No Messes trait, which means they will always clean up after themselves.
  • Children of pizza deliverers can inherit the Pizza Appreciator trait, which gives them the Amazing Meal moodlet after eating pizza.
  • Children of firefighters can inherit the Immune to Fire and Pyromaniac traits, which protect them from death by fire and allow them to set objects on fire, respectively.
  • Children of NPC police officers can inherit the self-explanatory Can Apprehend Burglar trait.