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Teen Guide

This guide is all about sim teens.


After childhood comes the teenage years. When transitioning from childhood to teen you get to pick your sims aspiration and (depending on which EP you've got) their attractions. Your sim will be a teen for 15 days. They now have all the sim needs with the most important to them being social, hunger, and fun. The least important being energy and comfort. The goals for teen play depend on aspiration and are doing well in school, getting their aspiration as high as possible for game play advantages, and getting a head start in as possible career track.


Teens can develop crushes and fall in love! Their romantic interactions are limited to flirting, kissing, and hugging and only with another teen.

Teens and jobs

School is shorter for teens than for children which leaves them time to have a job! Every adult career track has s three-level teen career track. Reaching level 3 in these tracks allows a teen to begin his or her adult career at level 2. Getting into private school allows him to skip the first level of any teen career and begin at level 2. Your teen must have a grade of C- or better to keep their job and an F will result in being fired. They cannot get another job until their grades come up.

Other highlights

  • Teens can learn all skills from all skill objects just like adults and elders.
  • Teens can use all objects just like adults and elders
  • Teens with low daily and lifetime relationship scores with all household members will run away.
  • Teens can ask for permission to go out or can sneak out


Teens can die from anything except old age.

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