Magic Mutt
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ONce Upon a Time there was a dog who had magic powers.
One day this Magic Mutt was sleeping on top of a pile of garbage in a dumpster when eight
rotten children showed up in his back ally to break bottles and pass the time while they
skipped school.
These particular children were of the extra rotten type. All had good and loving families but
none of them appreciated their nice homes, loving parents and great schools. They preferred
to skip school, break bottles, smoke cigarettes and complain about how much life at home was
stupid. They were all making plans to run away together and seek out a better life. A life of
freedom with no boring bedrooms to clean, dirty dishes to wash, trash to take out, homework
to do and no curfews. They all thought their parents were the worst and cursed them everyday.
Magic Mutt gave a slight dogie grin as he sat on top of the trash in his
dumpster and listened to the ungrateful children complain about their lives.
Magic Mutt decided to make his appearance and offer the children a new life with him.

"Hello!" said Magic Mutt with a doggy grin and wagging his mangy tail,
that could be heard thumping from inside of the dumpster.

"Cool! A dog that can talk." said the youngest boy in the group.
"Lets get him and give him a hair cut!" said the twin brother of the
youngest kid in the group.
"No, lets throw stuff at him!" said a chubby red headed boy in the
group. The red headed boy took careful aim at the Magic Mutt and
let loose with a old baseball he found in the ally.
The baseball should of hit Magic Mutt right in the face but the baseball
harmlessly hit the back of the dumpster with a loud thump where
Magic Mutt had just been.
"Where did he go!?"

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Next: Magic Mutt , part two.
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