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Lesson One : Grammar
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Lesson One : Grammar.

They're = They Are. "They're going to the store."
There = Unspecified placement. "Put it over there. There you are!"
Their = Owned by Them. "Their cats. Their food. Their house."

Your = Owned by You. "Your cat. Your food. Your house."
You're = You Are. "You're going to make dinner tonight."

Too = Also, obscure quantitative. "That's too much! She's coming too."
Two = Number. "There are two cats."
To = Helps out a Verb (action word). "We are going to the store. To be or not to be."

Bear - Withstand, "Grin and bear it" Or a large mammal "The big brown bear."
Bare - Naked, uncovered. "I watched the cat bare its teeth and hiss at me. Skinnydipping in the pond, Lilly laughed at the sight of Mac's bare butt as she watched him dive."

Anything ending in 's = Possessive. "Judy's cat." or Is. "Judy's a slut."

Also keep Plurals in Mind!
Bee -- Bees
Chair -- Chairs
Mouse -- Mice
Kitty -- Kitties
Donkey -- Donkeys

*Always write your story out in a Word program first so that you can use Spellcheck and Grammar check.

Capitalize proper names of people, animals, and places but not everything.
Good: "Sophie and her dog Katie were taking a trip to the city of Simsville."
Bad: "sophie and Her Dog katie were taking a Trip to the City of simsville."

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