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The Bachelor: General Buzz Grunt
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“The General likes to have his clocks set to military time. He used to enjoy barbershop quartet singing, but that is classified information.” – Biography

General Buzz Grunt is looking for love, in this season’s “The Bachelor”. He’s a divorced father and has three sons, Ripp, Tank, and Buck. Buzz comes from a long line of Generals, and so it’s no surprise he has a militant attitude toward parenting. He’s looking for someone who can accept his family’s Rough-N-Tough attitude, but also for someone who can give well needed medical attention toward his broken heart.

This Bachelor enjoys spending time with his family, working out, and commanding on the front. He has a fascination with the aliens, and enjoys the vast expansion that is Strangetown.

“He often enforces exercise for Tank and I, but has a tendency to baby Buck, even though he’s the one who really needs it.” Ripp Grunt said, when asked about the parenting styles of his father.

The days are long, but satisfying for the Grunt family, and General Buzz is eager to have a mother figure for his young “soldiers” – especially because Lyla is gone now. He realizes that the journey to find love is going to be a hard one, but as always he’s up to the challenge.

Time to say goodbye to the family, because tomorrow night he’ll be meeting 25 eligible bachelorettes!

Tank, Ripp, and Buck are going to be left home to live on as normal, seeing as they have no extended family. Let’s hope they’re well behaved.

After countless hours of flashy limo rides, and off-screen airplane flights, he’s finally arrived at the discreet location which is the setting of “The Bachelor”. Buzz looked around the mansion, disappointed by the lack of camo, but he’s enthralled to be here.

“This outfit is incredibly uncomfortable, there’s not enough room for my muscles.” – General Buzz Grunt

Oh, we know General Buzz, we know. Let the introductions begin! (Next chapter, of course)

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Next: The Bachelor: Meet the Bachelorettes (1/2)
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