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SomeWhere, Out There
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My name is Lola Curious .
My mother always called me the practical one. Not given to wishful thinking or dreaming. I, the older of the two Smith twins, was the level headed one, the one who has both feet upon the ground. The logical one.
So, it would be understand able that I, Miss Lola Curious, half alien-half human, would be more interested in seeking New Life and amoung the stars, not looking for love out there.
But I was. Oh, I would never admit it. Not even to my twin sister, Chloe.
Life is as dull as dishwater in this little desert town. This little place in the middle of nowhere.
You would think a town with the name of Strangetown would have some excitement to it. Some kicks, some thrills.
But it doesn't. Not even elements of Magic Town.
Now that would make for some fun times. But as long as StrangeTown is under the stern thumb of one General Buzz Grunt, it's not to be.
Oh there is the usual drama; who is cheating on whom, who is getting married, who is expecting an alien child. But then, we do have the added attraction of being one of those little out of the way places, noted for its ghost and aliens.
Yes, we have aliens.
I should know. One of my dad's is a Alien from somewhere, out there.
Then again, there is the nutty old lady, Olive Specter and her niece Ophelia Nigmos, who live at the edge of town. Married several times, her front yard was littered with the headstones of all of the late husbands, as well as several servants and friends. Many said she actually killed all of those people buried in her front yard, but that rumour has never been proven true. Seems my little brother Johnnie is interested in her niece.
Wonder how dear ole dad feels about that little love affair.
Even my job as a Captain of the Outer Force, the Paranormal branch of the army, doesn't thrill me these days as it once did. My twin sister Chloe, however, had all the fun. She always got the most interesting, exciting assignments amoung the sub-culture of StrangeTown, Vampires and such.
Maybe it's just me. Maybe it's time for me to kick the sand off my shoes and sign up for the next Star Ship leaving out to the Milky Way. After all, Star Fleet has been begging me to join the next crew their sending in a few months.
I was so ready to sign up.
But then, all of that changed one night.

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Next: Chapter One
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