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Gloria - Another African-American Sim

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Uploaded: 18th Feb 2006 at 1:43 PM
Updated: 19th Feb 2008 at 1:21 AM
Here is another of my African-American (Black) Sims. Her name is Gloria. She has a beautiful, natural tan with deep, soulful eyes like wells. She is a very confident woman and I made her to complement my other "minority" Sims. They all look very different as in real life and I wanted to present that. Enjoy!

Skintone, Outfit: Serasims
Hair: Hair in pictures not included (by ChazDesigns The Sims Resource; Sorry, but didn't realize until after photos were taken); Hair included is Open Mic Night v.2 by Simply Elau
Black Bangs: from the Adult - COMPLETE PONYTAIL MESH for all age groups with optional bangs hairstyle to complement this hairstyle which is not included by ciboulettebis
Eyes: exnem
Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Beautymark, Blush: Helaene
Earrings: Rosesims2
Eyeshadow: thesimssi2
Lipstick: Samba Sims 2

**Thanks sis for all your help and work with the projects, creations, etc. that we created overall together as a team. Every single project/creation(s)/sim created by me and/or by sister by us working as a team **