Buyable Servo v2.0 **UPDATED**

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Uploaded: 6th Mar 2006 at 6:15 AM
Updated: 17th Mar 2006 at 8:44 PM
Gardening? Check. Cooking? Check. Periodic bursts of wanton destruction? Indeed, check. This friendly humanoid robot is truly but one step from humanity. The Servo Model has a gender-assignable artificial intelligence unit that simulates all the desires of a real human: friendship, success... even love. Just make sure you keep the Servo Model in a good mood, else you'll be the one cleaning up all the ash piles while your new friend lies sparking in the corner.

Price = $6,000

Available in Electronics/All (Buy Mode)


- Added option to Uninitialize Servo;
"Buy 5 Less 25% ($22500)" -> 5 Servos will cost you $30,000 but because of 25% discounts you will only pay $22,500 for 5 Uninitialize Servos and that servos will automatically go directly to your sim inventory (the one who click this option, so I suggest use your business owner). It's useful for restocking. You wont see this option if you dont have $22,500.

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