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The Xanathonian CrystalSphere Personal Conjurer (PC)

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Uploaded: 29th Mar 2006 at 3:20 PM
Updated: 29th Jan 2009 at 4:58 PM by -Maylin-
My girlfriend plays a Hogwarts-style dorm and was complaining that there are no stylish computers for that kind of lot.

So I decided to create something more in style with castle walls and robes to make your sorcering Sims happy, be it witch or wizard:

The Xanathonian CrystalSphere Personal Conjurer (PC)

Your studies in Thaumathurgy and Applied Hermetics will be much easier with this device, a must have for every student of the secret arts. Comes with an enchanted parchment, an orichalcum stand and a clairvoyance control mat. Potions not included.

by Xanathon, Master of the Dark Arts and Potions :o)

This was of course cloned from a PC. When in it's inactive state you see only the crystal ball, the parchment and the control mat. If it is activated you get the "normal" computer screens inside the globe. I carried over the mousemotion to the pad and the object will be turned in case of a repair attempt. Has every function a standard PC has and should work with basic Sims and all EPs.

Mesh and textures are by me, the poly- and vertexcounts are lower than in the original PC (310 vertices, 388 polys).

One warning: If you attempt to hack your grades, don't let Snape catch you... :D

Have fun!