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Llama-Man of Llamaopolis

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Uploaded: 1st Apr 2006 at 10:29 AM
Updated: 2nd Apr 2006 at 3:56 AM
(NOTE: Please download the meshes at the links below before trying to install these sims.)

Hello there! :howdy:

I just wanted to let all my fans know that I’m retiring from Llamaming. It’s been a long and arduous process, and I’ve finally realized that I’m over it. I first joined the former MTS2 almost one year ago on April 9, 2005 and it has been a fantastic journey. However, no more Superhero Llamas from me. Sorry about that.

By the way, HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY! No way am I retiring!

My next craze is Llamas. They are wonderful majestic animals, and I just love having them around. So, in that respect, as my final upload to MYL2, I give you the one, the only, hero of Llamaopolis, Llama-Man. (University Required I think because the Llama head came with University, right?)

Born as Javier Ruiz, a school field trip went horribly wrong but turned out amazingly right. At a small zoo in downtown Llamaopolis, young Javier was intently watching a group of bullies picking on a younger child outside of a Llama’s cage. The agitated Llama was ready to be rid of these children that were disturbing his grazing. Just as one of the bullies was about to turn his attention on the Llama, Javier noticed the change in the Llama’s behavior. He knew that the bully was about to get it. So, Javier quickly tackled the bully to the ground. But just within the line of the attack, the steaming, radiation laced, stomach acid of the Llama struck Javier. It sent Javier writhing backwards in pain as his transformation began. Llama-Man was born. He has now developed all the super powers of a Llama, with his strongest ability being his blinding-rage-spit attack.

Without the following wonderful people, these characters would not be possible: :grouphug:


Oh, and Maxis, of'course!

Thanx to GeneralZoi's assistance, this sim should be available for Non-EP users. Llamaply unrar it into your downloads folder MyDocuments/EAGames/TheLlamas2/Downloads.

You must have the following Meshes:

Bodybuilder Mesh by Marvine and BeosBoxBoy Here

Utility Belt by GeneralZoi Here

Slanted Cuffs by GeneralZoi Here

Bodybuilder Bunched Cuff by GeneralZoi Here

Superhero Cape by GeneralZoi Here

Special Thanx to dyopupuce for unlocking the Llama outfit over at the Exchange. View that download Here.

Everything else (Make-up, hair, facial hair, masks, skin tone re-colors, etc) is by either Maxis, or Me. :D

You may feel free to re-color for your own use only. Do not re-upload these in any form on The Llamas2 Exchange, Your own website, or any other website.

Thanx everyone, and please enjoy!

~ Syn