X-Men: Academy X ~ Squad Uniforms

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Uploaded: 19th Aug 2006 at 2:25 PM
Updated: 19th Aug 2006 at 3:09 PM
Hello Fellow X-Fans!

Here's the costumes featured on the squads in New X-Men: Academy X. I've had a lot of requests for these over the past few months. Mainly for the New Mutants and the Hellions. Then I got a few more for the Corsairs. Then I got even more for the other costumes. So, here's the box set of the uniforms from the series. Unfortunately, I had to take a little creative license with the costumes for The Excelsiors, The Exemplars, Rogue's Squad, and Gambit's Squad since their costumes were never pictured. I based these costumes on some of the Squad Mentor's former/current costumes. I really hope you like them. I think I like the Excelsiors or the Paragons the best for some reason.


The New Mutants, Mirage's Squad
The Hellions, The White Queen's Squad
The Corsairs, Cyclop's Squad
The Paragons, Wolfsbane/Magma's Squad
Alpha Squadron, Northstar/Karma's Squad
The Exemplars, Beast's Squad
The Excelsiors, Iceman's Squad
Gambit's Squad (Unnamed)
Rogue's Squad (Unnamed)

These are not meant to be the students from those squads, just their costumes. Let your mind wander! I'd love to see the mutants you actually wind up using these for.

You MUST have these Meshes:

Bunched Cuff by GeneralZoi Here
Utility Belt by GeneralZoi Here

Download from this link is NOT required:

Eyes either by or based on eyes by SoulSliver Here

Without the following wonderful people, these characters would not be possible:


Oh, and Maxis, of'course!

Everything else (Make-up, hair, facial hair, masks, skin tone re-colors, etc) is by either Maxis, or Me. :D

You may feel free to re-color for your own use only. Do not re-upload these in any form on The Sims2 Exchange, Your own website, or any other website.

Thanx everyone, and please enjoy!

~ Syn

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