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NL Mesh "Gypsy Bandana" For Females of All Ages

1,052 Downloads 418 Thanks  Thanks 20 Favourited 28,977 Views
Uploaded: 9th Apr 2006 at 4:43 AM
Updated: 9th Apr 2006 at 5:07 AM
This was a fun one to work with.. hehe. The alphas and textures were kind of weird, but so far this was my favorite one to make. I wish they had made this for the game originally as a regular hair, instead of a hidden one. Nightlife kind of lacked in hair meshes..

Anyways, I converted this for all ages, and made the regular colors. Hopefully someone can make a better texture for the bandana.. I like it but It could use new colors.

I had to make a new mesh, so Nightlife isn't required. This also does not change when they go to bed, shower, swim etc. Sorry.

Recolor or edit all you want. Credit where it's needed. Thanks.

I hope you like this! I know I do.. lol

Have fun.

I'll take requests for conversion meshes, so send me a message.