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Simouns Chocolate Factory: make true candies, eat or sell them in OFB shops

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 8th May 2006 at 4:24 PM
Updated: 9th Aug 2006 at 3:46 PM - new version 1.0
this was my first post here (and my first released set of hacked objects).

Simouns Chocolate Factory

When I discovered the Schokolade 890 Chocolate Manufacturing Facility career reward, I was a bit disappointed by the fact that Sims cannot eat the produced candies. So I decided to clone it using SimPE and make it produce real chocolate objects :D. I finally obtained a brand-new object: the Simouns Chocolate Factory.


Have you ever dreamed of having your own chocolate business, so you can serve yourself at any time? Now it is possible thanks to the integrated Simouns Chocolate Factory. Make delicious chocolates that will delight kids and adults alike, or sell them to your happy customers!
  • Catalogue Category: Kitchen - Appliances / Cooking
  • Price : 1000 §
  • GUID: all of the objects have their own registered GUID. The Simouns Chocolate Factory object won't replace the existing career reward object (and you can also use them in the same time: see the screenshots).
  • Geometry: 13594 vertices and 10108 faces - yes, a lot! - but it is the same as the original Maxis object since I didn't alter the mesh!
  • Four supported languages: English, French, German (by news4steph) and Spanish (by sebigut119).

I strongly recommend you to take a look at the included guide in HTML Help format (the .chm file) that is natively supported by Windows.
You will find the guide in the zip archive among other *.package files. It contains some useful instructions about the objects.
I also made a PDF version of the guide (for Mac users especially): download it below.

Some features
  • let your Sims make true chocolate candies! Currently the factory creates two kinds of candies but more may be added in future versions...
  • chocolate objects can be of course eaten: motives of the selected Sim like hunger, comfort (yes, more comfort just by eating chocolate!), fun, bladder will be affected (including fitness!). It also depends on the skills of the Sim who made the chocolate candy...
  • chocolate objects are stored in the active Sim's inventory (or the inventory of the lot's owner if you are running a Business).
  • chocolate candies in the inventory of a Sim can be deleted like any inventory item, you will get money in exchange; so you can earn extra money.
  • OFB compatible: chocolate objects can be sold in a shop (in a bakery for example) and restocked from the inventory of the lot's owner. You can assign jobs to employees so they make a series of chocolates for you.
  • available for use in Community or at home.
  • you can still learn cooking, teach it to kids or anyone.
  • notifications thanks to dialog boxes will keep you informed about the current task (how many chocolates were produced, where they were stored and... some surprises).

I think that the object can be used with or without OFB.


As usual for hacked objets, unzip ALL of the *.package files to your "Downloads" folder (typically "My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads"). I suggest to make a specific subfolder in your "Downloads" folder such as "SimounsChocolateFactory"; it works fine and it will be better for future updates or removal.
All of the five package files are required.

Redistribution, modification

You may make, post and redistribute recolors, modifications or the original set of hacked objects on free sites or paysites PROVIDED that you give me credit, as well as put a link to the original set of objects here at MTS2.
More instructions in the guide.

  • Spanish and German languages available.
  • Sims and visitors can eat the chocolate candies when they are hungry (unless they are in sales in a shop)


If you have any problems, please report them and include an error log if possible: I'll try to fix them.
I'll also appreciate your feedback or your comments - but sorry I don't provide support by email, PM or anything else.
Note that the different objects do work fine for me (all EPs + patches), but it doesn't mean it will work on all machines!