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You can freely distribute and modify my files however and wherever you want, as long as you don't charge money for them and give credit to at least one of my usernames (rufio, kestrellyn, faiuwle). If you uploaded my hacks somewhere after they became unavailable on my Dropbox, you don't have to take them down.

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Causes the game to automatically recognize extended family members as family.

21st Apr 2018 at 2:59am in » Global Mods


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Kestrellyn's PregRel compatibility...

20th Nov 2021 at 1:18am


Kill Visiting Playables

13th Nov 2021 at 4:34am


Claim Painting

11th Jul 2021 at 1:56am

12.2k Open for Business

Surrogate Hack

5th Jul 2021 at 2:08am


Use Toddler Toys From Anywhere

26th May 2021 at 8:04pm

3.9k Nightlife

Car Woohoo Wants Limits

26th May 2021 at 7:47pm

3.3k Apartment Life

Autonomous Have Meal fix for...

26th May 2021 at 7:46pm


Pneumonia fix

20th Nov 2020 at 4:20am


Sperm Donors

7th Jul 2020 at 9:54pm

12.6k Seasons

Autonomous gift giving at parties

26th Jun 2020 at 11:00pm

5.9k Apartment Life

Apartment Moveout Finance Fixer

10th Jun 2020 at 1:49am

11.1k Apartment Life

Fairy Changelings

4th Jun 2020 at 11:18pm


More sensible "Can my friend come...

21st May 2020 at 12:50pm


Ask visitors for homework help

23rd Apr 2020 at 3:13pm

8.4k Open for Business

Pass Along and Transfer Lots to All

11th Apr 2020 at 3:15pm


Name the Father

12th Jan 2020 at 2:54pm

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