Smaller neighborhood rocks, smaller/bigger palm and cactus.

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Uploaded: 26th Jun 2006 at 6:21 AM
The size of the neighborhood rocks has always bothered me. They're just too big. So, I made them smaller. There's 11 rocks, all of the Maxis rocks except the one with the green crud on top and the one that looks like a head.

In the screenshots, the rocks that have the crossed-out icon are the Maxis rocks, and the ones on the left are my smaller ones.

I also made a smaller cactus and palm tree, and a bigger cactus and palm tree. It just looks nicer when all the trees aren't exactly the same size.

BONUS: This small modification allows you to place all the Maxis rocks inside of lots. No more of that "not placeable within lots" nonsense. Obviously, you need lot view enabled to actually see the rocks from within the lot (which means you need the Nightlife EP). My smaller rocks can also go inside of lots.