Cute Punky-Goth-Puffy Hair

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Uploaded 12th Jul 2006 at 4:50 AM · Updated 14th May 2010 at 11:54 PM by CatOfEvilGenius


Here is a new hair mesh,Punky Goth Puffs!
It comes with four Maxis colours, done by me.
they are all colour binned, so they show up in the Maxis bins.
Its for all ages too.
Also, its animated :D

*If you are wondering why its called Puffy, its because it looks like a PufferFish to me*
It goes in Downloads folder.

Thank you to the creators of SimPE Maya
Adobe Photoshop

and thank you DJ_Mur3, for lowering the Polycount,from around 5000,to less than 2000.
For making a better UV map/Base texure, and for helping me to animate the hair.

Also, thank you HystericalParoxysm for helping me fix the bug in the Adult stage of the hair.

Recolours: Recolour ALL YOU WANT, but, upload only on MTS2, and when you upload it, give a link to this page
in the Mesh1 part, so every1 can see your colours
When uploading here, DO NOT include my mesh, or any other part of it-ONLY your colours.

DONT upload ANYWHERE else, including mesh or part, as i will take it down, and youll ruin it for everbody else!

And DONT ask me or others for .zips!

hope you like this,
and if you do, dont forget to comment,rate and thank



Hair Style: Natural Colours Maxis-Match
Bin Type: Binned
Age: Toddler Child Teen Young Adult Adult Elder

Tags: #Goth Hair, #Punky, #all ages