Mission Vao - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

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Uploaded 2nd Sep 2006 at 10:39 PM · Updated 5th Sep 2006 at 1:20 AM by Darth_Fubar : Mesh update:fixed an issue on the upper right shoulder.

Mission Vao, a sneaky but good little Twi’lek from the world of SWKotOR now re-created for the Sims world. Her headtails & blue shaded skin tone will be a unique feature to your Sims2 gaming; she will stand out in a crowd, for sure.

All I ask:
Please, no re-coloring, and or re-packaging this sim to any pay site or free site. Also, please do not tamper with the meshes included with this sim or include this sim and or its meshes in any lot(s) or house(es) or any project that you are planning to make public to any pay site or free site.

Requires no EPs:
This sim and all of her meshes were tested in the base game.

Content Info:
This .package file contains one created sim character, plus the following:

Twi’lek Headtails or "lekku" meshes - Mission Vao Style,
One version for each age, female only
1. Adult/Elder mesh – (Faces=591, Vertices=457.
2. Teen mesh - (Faces=591, Vertices=457
3. Child mesh - (Faces=591, Vertices=457
4. Toddler mesh – (Faces=354, Vertices=312
No maxis based hair meshes.
Created in 3D Studio Max 8 by Darth Fubar.

Skin Tone Blue
Created in PhotoShop by Darth Fubar.
All meshes created for this sim are "skin-tone" friendly
So no, she doesn't have to be blue, if you don't want her to

Mission Vao’s Outfit mesh
Assigned to adult only, no fat or pregnant morph.
Faces=1835, Vertices=1344
Not a Maxis based body mesh.
Created in 3D Studio Max 8 by Darth Fubar.

No custom makeup used

If you are pleased with this sim in your game, then I am pleased.
Clicking on the thanx & some feedback would be “high’leh” appreciated.


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