2-story high castle wall *NEW FENCE MESH*

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Uploaded: 4th Sep 2006 at 5:15 PM
Updated: 25th Sep 2006 at 9:08 PM

I thought this would come in useful for every medieval/magic lot. Like the title says it's a fence, but somewhat bigger than your everage garden wall :D.
Doing a 4-tile gate proofed a bit too difficult for me since I'm not that good with bhav's and stuff, so I cheated and did two decorative half-doors (find them under decorative-sculptures). If you leave one tile free between them, it'll look as if someone left the gate open and your sims can walk only through the gap in the middle. I know that's not a perfect solution, but wtf.
Credit for the textures goes both times to maxis. (I'll upload a matching roof and wall soon).

So the rar-file includes:
- one light and one dark version of the fence (the light one being the MESH, so don't delete it, if you want to keep other colours of the fence)
- two decorative half-doors

known issue
The fence doesn't display right in neighborhood view. Believe me I tried to fix this, but failed miserably again ...oh well It's just a minor issue. I still think this wall was a pretty cool idea, neighborhood visability or not :D
Edit: For some people the textures don't show up. With my new computer, I get the same problem. This could be because I only have an onboard Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 for the graphics. My old one was something like an ATI radeon 9600 (agp) and it could handle the textures quite well...I guess if youve got a good enough graphics card you should be able to see the textures.
I will fix this issue! look into the comments for further information on the problem.

Edit: You should better not include this in any of you lots. Not because of copyright, but cause they dont work for all. I will do a new version, which will work without EPs and which will actually have textures ...You wait for this one to include it in your lots...
Recolours are allowed, if you do not include the mesh. Link back here for people to get it. (For those who are new to recolouring fences: you have to check 'reference original mesh' when you clone the package)

You need to have at least one EP installed (for the current file...I'll do a base game compatible one eventually). And till I've fixed the texture-issue (better known as the "Magenta Mystery"), it wont work with onboard Intel graphic for sure, and probably that goes for other graphics cards, too.

well then...Have Fun with your castles!

Edit: Forgot to add the vertex count, so here it is:
wallpieces - vertices=343 faces=196
turret - vertices=166 faces=192
=very low = good