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Orlando Bloom

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Uploaded: 6th Oct 2006 at 2:04 AM
Updated: 1st Dec 2006 at 6:34 PM

Arrr! I've been working on him for five days straight and can't stand to stare at his mug anymore (yes, too much of Orli picture yumminess IS possible), so here is my take on Orlando for you to enjoy in your game. Goes great with my Keira Knightley sim.

* Base used for the skin is the Louis#7 Lin's edition skintone HERE and was modified by me
* Eyes, beard and hair recolour by me (recolour requires Kinxchan's short ponytail for men mesh HERE - please note that the child hair was not recolourable and is thus blond)
* Eyelashes by Jirka (theSimssi2) at Glance
* Black hairline mask by Donna at EyeCandy forum
* Packaged with x_ruthless_x's black and white skull undies HERE

The blue elf eyes are from Helaene's latest 'starstruck' set; blond Uni ponytail recolour by unknown. Legolas' clothing in the screenshot below is by Tiggerypum HERE.

If you have trouble installing this sim do download the Clean Installer.