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Amissima - commercial center -

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Uploaded: 20th Oct 2006 at 11:50 PM
Updated: 22nd Oct 2006 at 6:54 PM - faceslap ! a typo on nengi name !
price : 420 360
size : 5x3
Furnished : Yes
Landscaped : Yes
Hack free. Played, Tested with CleanInstaller, I have FFs installed.

I started this building when I saw the post of a future insurance building with a mirrored front under something like a tubular curtain, the name of the company... It is the right part of this lot. Of course it is not an insurance building for sims...to do what ? So to use and show some wonderful custom content I downloaded it become this women dedicated shopping center.
front view

ground floor : inside garden, bank on left an cinema on right,

Sims can access to the upper level using the three elevators or the stairs (I show them because I spent some time to do them)
1st floor : main shop with magazines, hats(decorative), clothes shops and a beauty salon. On the opposite side the (mostly decorative) bakery, (salads, bread, ice creams and cookies)

2nd floor : coffee bar (I wait here )

3rd floor : Office, employees rest room and (after cofee and cookies) the gymnasium entrance

Due to the 72 mirrors of the front and the trees inside your game may be slowed if you havent a quite powerful computer, perhaps too much. Because I am not an ATI or NVidia salesman I will provide a second version lighter for your hardware with numenor's wall windows in front. It is the Amissima "N" version. It change nothing with the neighbourhood because the mirrors are not (yet ?) reflective in this view (see pic in the screenshots area).

Custom content (all included), credits and many thanks :
* Building :
fences Ailias
fences & plants Laurana
floor Moonlight Muse
fieldlines bs3519
oneway mirrors, neon alphabet, neon signs atavera
plumeria trees Numenor
light pane windows IgnorantBliss
sunless shaders SimtopiX
terrain paints nengi65 and moononsun

* Furnitures :
small sport seats wil-redfern
super mega TV johnr200
Camping seats Zookini
vending machines pacotatacoplayer
and PhantasyGurl recolor
parts of gym and commercial (except the broom )sets Abstractsimmer187
fusball table, decorative care objects crocobaura
outside sculpture Moon_Ez
referee chair Lithium
bottle and bottles shelve Phelana
bakery, hats and beauty salon decorative objects Hchangeri at http://www.retailsims.com
volleyball net simfantastic2 summerpack
antique bakery objects mdhttr323
magazines sims2world
commercial object collection jaxad0127

* gardening :
flowers plants L. cardinelli
flowers macarossi
palmtree wallsims.net
plants & trees kate
lying palm ciboulettebis

* object recolors :
cinema posters DaisyTighfield
clothing rack fanseelamb
golden flamingo playerfreed949
Newspaper paints justmoi
prices poster WS
gymposters natia128
menu nicolafred
posters khakidoo
waterfall poster the french sim

1 floor 1 terrain paint and walls by me
For the sets and objects recolors i dont upload the whole bunch, only what is needed for this lot.
If you want to upload any custom content to an other site than MTS2, please read their creator’s policy.
For me it's easy : except for the lot itself, do what you want with free sites.

Happy simming...