Automatic Payment Mod << UPDATED 04/15/2007 <<

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Uploaded: 16th Nov 2006 at 3:04 AM
Updated: 15th Apr 2007 at 8:13 AM
This mod contains 2 objects (one is cloned from stack of bills, I named it "Monique's Payer Bills" and the other one is cloned from Homework, "Monique's Payee Notebook") and 2 controllers.

When JadeEliott requested something like this I thought she was referring to lot rental so I came up with the Landlord Mod. Then she requested again and explained it in details. To give you an idea what the mod is all about, here is what she said or requested:

Originally Posted by JadeEliott
An object, if looks like the stack of bills that would be cool or any applicable object you think of, that when the sim clicks on it, the following options are available:

Set Up Automatic Payment:
A list of all sims who live in a lot or who are in the sim bin or at college or in another *sub*hood come up. Choose a Sim to pay.

Set Payment to Daily or Weekly

Set Day of Week payment to be made

Set Amount (from 10 simoleans to 10,000 perhaps?)

Notification on/off: set whether pop up comes up notifying of an auto payment has been made.

Cancel Automatic Payment: stops payments to one specific *OR* all sims.

Display current auto payments: a pop-up comes up showing all the sims the sim is currently paying and when.

On that day, at 6 am or some time that you think is best, an automatic transfer of funds is taken from the household funds of the sim who set it up, and put into the household funds of the sim who is being paid. A pop-up would come up saying:

Automatic Payment Mod: Sim A just paid Sim B X amount!

*IF* funds not available, then what you do with your child support/landlord mod could be the same here as well.

Could this be done? I hope it is not too much work. I am very grateful to you.

Thank you for listening. Please let me know what I could do in return. I would be happy to beta test it before you posted it.

So, the mod is all about setting up of individual payment. You may setup one PAYEE with several PAYERS or one PAYER to several PAYEES. And then the automatic transfer of fund or payment will trigger at 3AM. Pls dont forget to put that "Monique's Payer Bills" in your sim's personal inventory after you're done with setup, because at 3AM the controller will search for Monique's Payer Bills" in your sim's personal inventory and perform computations according to your setup.
Like in my Child Support/Landlord mod, a tracking of behind payments is included here.

Thanks to JadeEliott for providing this directions on how to setup the automatic payment mod, screenshots and doing a Beta test:

Directions to Setup the Automatic Payment Mod
Payer: Sim paying the Simoleons
Payee: Sim receiving the Simoleons

Monique's Payer Bills:
You use this to set up your payments to another Sim.

Go to PAYER Lot
Find "Monique's Payer Bills" in Misc/All (Infinity Symbol)
Click again then CHOOSE PAYEE (Choose from: Playable, Townie, Downtownie, Adoption, Sim Bin, NPC, or Special NPC)
Choose DAILY or WEEKLY (If WEEKLY is chosen, then choose Day of the Week)
Choose AMOUNT (from 10 to 10,000)
When finished, click PUT IN MY INVENTORY
RESET SETUP to clear all options

Payment will be taken out at 3 am. A pop-up will notify of payment made or received.

Global Notification ON/OFF: Turns off payment notification pop-up at 3am.
Automatic Payment (Global) ON/OFF: Turn off Automatic Payment for a specific Payer/Payee or for all Payers/Payees. Payments restart when turn back on.

Monique's Payee Notebook:
You can use this tool to see who you are paying (PAYEE) or your PAYERS, or set up a Sim to pay you.

Go to PAYEE Lot
Find "Monique's Payees Notebook"
Choose from Choose from: Playable, Townie, Downtownie, Adoption, Sim Bin, NPC, or Special NPC
MODIFY PAYER to change options for payment to be received
REMOVE PAYER to stop receiving payments from chosen Sim
MY PAYERS to view who is paying you
MY PAYEES (only shows up if you are paying other Sims) to view who you are paying

You can use this to set up families to pay for your custom private school, or send taxes to your town's King or Mayor, to pay for any favor/service received - whatever you can think of for your neighborhood's economy.

UPDATED: 11/17/2006
- Uploaded ""

The "" uses code 85 (neighbor icon) which is the right code for this (this one works fine to me) but if you are having problem with icon you may use "" which uses code 00 (automatic icon). When I tested that code 00, it gave me no icon in popup messages which is better rather than the career icons just like JadeEliott's report (post #3).

UPDATED: 11/20/2006
- Uploaded v1.1, I forgot to default it to English language, so that's why the pop-up message is "TEST" for other languages. Sorry about that, pls re-download it again. Thanks to Vren for reporting this.


UPDATED: 04/15/2007
- Uploaded v2.0, added new feature "Lend and Borrow". This will allow us to lend/borrow money with interest to/from other sim.

Pie Menus:
"Lend Money.../(0 to 30,000)"
"Borow Money.../(0 to 30,000)"
"Interest.../(0% to 9%)"
"Credit Balance = $$$"

You lend $30,000 to Sim A with an interest of 1%.
So the Credit Balance = $30,300. This amount is payable depends on the amount and terms of payment (daily/weekly). Sim A will stop paying once the Credit Balance is equal to 0 and Monique's Payer Bills will automatically be deleted from Sim A inventory.


Compatibility :
- OFB and Up