Family Aspiration Points Mod

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Uploaded: 26th Nov 2006 at 8:38 AM
Sometimes we want to buy aspiration rewards such as elixir of life but no member from the family can afford it, but if they are going to combine their aspiration reward points they can buy one.

So, I made this object, a cloned homework and named it "Monique's Family Aspiration Points Mod" that allows sharing of aspiration reward points to members of the family. This object will act as a storage of aspiration points for your sims. Members can deposit their aspiration points so that other members can withdraw it.

Here are the pie menus options:
My ASP pts = "__" pts - displays the current aspiration points of the active sim.
Deposit ASP pts.../"__" pts - to store aspiration points to this object.
Family ASP pts = "__" pts - the total aspiration points stored in this object. Max limit that it can store is 327,679,999 pts. In case that this number is not enough buy another object and store there.
Withdraw ASP pts.../"__" pts - to withdraw aspiration points. You cant withdraw if your sim's aspiration points is approximately 327,670 pts.
Direct ASP Deposit is (ON/OFF) - if ON, every 12hrs it will scan all selectable sims on your lot who have aspiration points equal or greater then 1000 then it will automatically deposit that 1000 pts to this object. This will not work if this object is in your sim inventory.

This object is very useful for sharing/passing your aspiration reward points to other sims. Or for storing of aspiration points because the game only allow 327,670 pts per sim, where are you going to use that? pass it to your grandchildren.

Available in Buy Mode/MISC.

Compatibility: UNI and up. I'm not sure with Orig.