Twin Scaper

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Here's a house i thought you might like. It's placed on a narrow lot, and while it lacks on square surface it compensates in height. The basic structure is three stories high. After that two towers on each end extend three floors further. Both towers are connected with each other on the sides with open terraces. Two parallel columns run through the terraces providing support for them and the upper floors of the towers as well as house the elevator shafts within them.
I tried to make the layout practical, real and interesting. Of course, here in Sims, you can't have any of that in it's apex, so a compromise is the real acceptable solution. I've tried to balance out those three factors and this is what i came up with:

Since this is a small lot, there isn't too much space to manipulate in respect to gardening, so i've tried my best to bring a small but colorful landscape so you can enjoy the view, whether it's from the ground or the terrace:

It is my personal opinion that over lighting ruins the general atmosphere. It is everyone's opinion that good lighting goes a long way in enhancing the aesthetic of every single thing in nature and this construction is no exception. The entire perimeter is lighted by small lanterns placed on the fences as well as ground lanterns at the back garden. I've tried not to overdo it. Combined with the lights emanating from the house, this is how the lot looks like at night:

The ground floor has an entrance hall in the base and garage in the east tower. I've included Wonkey's Ford GT in it. I, just like you ordinary mortals, play Need for Speed and happen to like playing with this awesome car and it's raw and brute power:

There's a gym in the west tower, equipped with all the maxis training machines. I deliberately didn't furnished it too much so it can be nice and simple:

There are two staircases and two elevator shafts in the entrance hall that lead to the highest floors of the structure. On the first floor you will find the bar in the middle and the dining room in the west tower:

Of course, no house is complete without the good ol' kitchen. This one's a mix between simplicity and tranquility:

The second floor is the R&R area. It has a pool table in the east tower, a poker table between the elevator shafts and a TV living room in the west tower:

The bedrooms are double-storied and are situated in the towers on the fourth and fifth floor. They each have their own little bathrooms on the fourth and small appendices on the fifth floor:

Included in these downloads is the custom content which is separated into two files: on that bears the objects and one that bears the recolors. Sorry that i haven't placed them in one file, but if i did that file would be larger than 10 Megs which can't be uploaded. So it's three clicks to get the lot and the CC and plus a couple more to get CC NOT included.
The credits for the CC go out to:

Objects & Recolours:

* Ford GT40 by Wonkey @
* Ford GT40 Recolours by Tre Zillah @
* HighTech Lightpanel Type V by Xanathon @
* Bathroom Accessories Set by TheFuzmixMan @
* ATS Oriental Nap Plant 001 by Sandy @
* Popies for oval flowerbed 1x2 by MaryLou and Numenor @
* "Eponymous Garden" Flax by Kate @
* Sunairsims linear wall light by Sunair @
* Kitchenset 01 by Solander @
* Cotswoldshelvingunit by MummySim @
* Diner Spotlight by Simtomatic @
* Stove Kitchen 1 by Delphin @
* ATS Guilhem Trash Compactor and Dishwasher by Sandy @
* Simt-Modern Edwardian Set by Simtomatic @
* Empty Cube Pot by Lucas Cardelini @
* Reflex Flora LittlePalm @
* Bienchens Rosenbeet by Bienchen83 @
* Edge Smoother 2 Wood by Ailias @
* 3x4 Floor Rug by Echo @
* The Literal Rose by Macarossi @
* Rug by Teko @
* Panasonic TH-42PX60U Plasma TV by Fresh-Prince @
* 23'' Sony KLV-S23A10 Flat Screen Wall TV by Fresh-Prince @
* Wood Modern Bookshelf by Sunair @
* Cofeetable by Kr0nica&Kr0n @
* ziiz Dongle Arch by Shufonk @
* KS InWallLight-System by Klarsicht42 @
* White Recolor fot the piano by PacoTacoPlayer @
* SurplusLlama Lawn Ornament by MaxoidMonkey @
* The Poetic Porpoise Topiary by MaxoidMonkey @
* "Not-too-Tall" brick fence [part of recombinant fences] by Wes_H @
* Decorative Egg Topiary by Maxoidmonkey @
* Pinie, Lang by Bienchen83 @
* Pointy things smaller pencil Pine Tree resizes by Nicvncnt @
* Big Orleander by Lucas Cardelini @
* Visible Ceiling Tiles by Jgwhiteus @
* Recolors for the Ceiling Tiles by:
- HystericalParoxysm @
- Komosims @
* Grande Versailes Window by @ by Simnuts101
* Birch Tree Sapling 2 by Stepehnguy @
* Invisible Driveway by Roddyaleix @


* Bricks by sim-placement @
* Plytka Granata by Margierytka @
* Sunshine Pine Cladding by Kate @
* NSC The Custom 1 by NeptuneSuzy @
* Dark Wall [Part of Dark Wall Collections] by Sim Master @


* ML_Allessi_Floor 11 by Michelle0959 @
* Hardwood Floor by sim-placement @
* Taupe Tile by Pinecat @

I also placed CC from 4eversimsfantasy, but due to their copyright policy it wouldn't be fair if i'd uploaded them here, so you're gonna have to get them yourselves. Here they are:

I hope you'll find this house an interesting lot to play in. I personally like it because i can make cool BBQs every Sunday or throw great house parties in the late evenings. So, i'm gonna leave you with a few pics from those moments and the dilemma whether you should d/l this lot or not. The choice is yours, i hope you enjoy it if you do.