*UPDATE 12-11* Warlokk's Hi-Res Female BodyShapes - 36DDD Full-Body Base Set

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Uploaded: 10th Dec 2006 at 5:58 PM
Updated: 12th Dec 2006 at 1:27 AM - Fixed DressLongTwo meshes
Presenting another release in the Hi-Res Bodyshape Series, the long-awaited 36DDD Full-Body Base Set!

*UPDATE 12-11* - Found a problem with the DressLongTwo meshes, uploaded fixes separately, also updated main files. Get the mesh fixes if you downloaded already. Thanks for the catch, Gothplague!

The 36DDD Full-Body Base Set includes 8 outfits each for the 36DDD Enhanced and Natural sizes, in all hip sizes 34 thru 40. There are 3 dresses, 2 PJ's, a swimsuit, tracksuit and underwear. Combined with the 36DDD Everyday separates (as seen in the Family picture), there are now clothes available for your 36DDD gals for all occasions. Each file contains all 8 outfits for the Enhanced and Natural 36DDD shape in the hip size listed.

For best results, these outfits can be combined with the BodyShape skintones, found in the Complete Nude Collection found at the adult sites, or with skintones created for them by others.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you used the Original Bodyshape series, you must remove the 40DDD Formal meshes from your game, since there are newer replacements in this set, but they will conflict. Making them the same internally allows your old Bodyshape 40DDD Formals to automatically update to the new 36DDD size here, but you have to delete the old meshes. I have included the 36DDD_Full-Body_Cleanup file here, which is a script to automatically remove those files if you run it in your Downloads folder where the old meshes are stored. If you want to remove them manually, the filenames are as follows:

12/14/2005 11:31 PM 729,768 MESH_BodyDressLong40DDD-28-34.package
12/14/2005 11:32 PM 729,768 MESH_BodyDressLong40DDD-28-36.package
12/14/2005 11:33 PM 729,768 MESH_BodyDressLong40DDD-28-38.package

Also note that even though the old ones were a 40DDD and these are 36DDD, the shapes are actually the same, I just didn't understand what the numbers in the sizes meant the first time around. In this set the size is actually more accurate, since the torso is slightly larger than the 34" sizes, while the old 40DDD wasn't, and just had the larger bosoms on the base 34" frame.

As always, feel free to recolor, modify, mangle, mutilate, or whatever you like with these meshes... all textures are Maxis, so they are fair game as well. My only condition is anything made from these meshes MUST remain free... just like almost everything I used to create them.

Oh, and I feel I must mention one other thing... I am aware this set is not for everyone, however there are many in the community and the world who appreciate or even personify the shapes in this set. I strive to maintain at least some level of realism in this series, and I can assure everyone there are women in the world who do indeed have a shape something like this, and in the interest of diversity, and due to popular demand, I am proud to present this collection. If you have feedback on how the meshes can be improved from a technical or artistic standpoint, by all means let me know... if you don't like them strictly on moral grounds, I can assure you I don't and never will share your views, and frankly don't want to hear them. Thank you.

Now with that out of the way, enjoy the set, and feedback is welcome!