*UPDATE 7-22* Warlokk's Hi-Res Alpha Tshirt & Skirt (default size)

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Uploaded: 16th Jul 2006 at 9:04 PM
Updated: 23rd Jul 2006 at 12:09 AM
Presenting my latest project, an experiment with Alpha layer clothing over my Hi-Res BodyShape meshes.

This outfit combines my default Hi-Res nude body mesh with an overlaying Tshirt and Skirt outfit, which are fully Alpha enabled to allow transparency to the body underneath, which can be textured separately.

Also, due to new techniques and tools, I am now able to enable Bump Maps on the Hi-Res meshes, so these outfits are fully bump-map enabled!

Many thanks to Marvine, PAF, Bsett and Dr. Pixel for helping me get these working, and to WesH for his awesome Unimesh tools, and to my wonderful testers Persephone, Meremale and Manturr for helping me get them just right for clothing makers. Can't wait to see what they come up with for these! :group hu:

The UV for the top is based on the Maxis Tshirt top separate, while the skirt is based on the Hula Skirt outfit. Feel free to recolor or modify these in any way you like, just don't post to a pay site and give me credit for the meshes.

Other BodyShape sizes will be forthcoming, as well as a High-Heels version, so watch for them! :D


*UPDATE 7-22* Fixed transparency issue with mesh, which made it necessary to make 2 different outfits... Now an Alpha texture that makes layer fully opaque will work like it should, and the weird glow effect around the edges has been fixed. The Non-Transparency outfit is no longer needed. Thanks to Marvine for helping fix those issues! To get the latest files re-download and overwrite the old files.