Blue Denim Paisley Sundress-Warlokk's "NL" Meshes-NO EP NEEDED!

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Uploaded 31st Jan 2007 at 1:24 AM · Updated 6th Feb 2007 at 7:27 PM by ONEBLONDMOMMA

This Blue Denim Paisley Sundress was made using Warlokk's newest mesh conversion from the "Nightlife” expansion pack. Although, it was made from a mesh from the “Nightlife” expansion pack, that EP it is not needed! I made this outfit using only the base game and this should be compatible in ALL versions of the game! This outfit is available for everyday.

You will need Warlokk's "Classic Pinup Nightlife Outfits Part 1" mesh located at:

Please do not upload to any pay sites or claim as your own! I only take credit for re-coloring; Warlokk did the hard work of converting the mesh! Please follow Warlokk's guidelines listed on his page! Thank you Warlokk-YOU ROCK!

Please hit the thanks button & please leave any comments (I’d LOVE to know what you think!)-I would appreciate it!

Thank you!

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