Modern Duplex

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Lot size


Since I am in the process of building a duplex in real life at this point in time, I decided to go ahead build and release a design of many that I have drawn up. I hope you all enjoy it. It has been quite a while since I last touched Sims 2 so forgive me for any issues that may arise.

1st Unit 2nd Unit
3 x Bedrooms 2 x Bedrooms
3 x Bathrooms 1.5 x Bathrooms
0 x carport 1 x carport
balcony balcony

2 floors in this Duplex. Located on the Main floor is your kitchen, dining area and living room. Sliding doors grants access to the closed window patio of 1st unit. Both units have a pool. 2nd unit has a balcony on top of the carport. 2 bedrooms are located on the second floor. The 1st unit has a 3rd bedroom on the main floor.


Items included in upload & Links

Other10 Fence ---

Modern windows ( small & fullsize), Modern glass doors, glass recolor, Modern Diving Board, Modern Pool Ladder --- (by Tolli)

Ailias modern pediment, Ailias Window Frame Collection 1 - 02 by Ailias ---

Spring Beech wall ---

Clear Transparent Tile by RGiles ---

Seamless Window by Numenor ---

Invisible driveway by Roddyaleixo ---

Stone 02 Dark wall ---

Window by Tiggy027 ---

White stucco by Rib640 ---

Items not included in upload

You should head to these links and download the following items, especially the fence, wall tile and stairs.

Office2 Yucca, Dining6 Stairs, 4esfwalltiles, Modular Stairs, Outdoor5 Rocks ---

Laurana small fence ---