Magnus Greaves - Handsome BJD - By Linuslover30

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Uploaded: 9th Apr 2007 at 11:18 PM
Age: 20
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Aspiration: Pleasure

Magnus is my sensitive BJD in my game. A loner and not very sociable he still adores the pleasurable things in life, sitting at a bar downtown and enjoying a nice whiskey, poetry readings in a smokey neighbourhood cafe or maybe a stroll through a crowded summer park in the evening. He likes being around people....just not so much talking to them. Magnus loves to fish, but is sadly and tragically terrible at it. However he will hang an old boot proudly on his wall. He likes to live a humble life, garden and fish for food....he is not a flashy sim in the slightest and prefers to keep things simple.

FYI: Magnus comes to you wil no hair, but his preferred colour of choice is white. You can find the hair I use for him HERE It's a wonderful hair mesh that works on the boys (and not just the ladies) created and modified by 0O_Andie_O0. It's the cute Pixie Haircut that appeared in OFB for the girls!

Content In Images

Walls: Maxis

Please do not claim Magnus as your own creation or enter him into a competition claiming him as your original work either. Sim stealing is not cool and can hurt your pixels. Enjoy!!!

Cheers - Keely (linuslover30)

Custom Content by Me:
- Magnus Greaves - Male Sim

Custom Content Included:
- Eyebrows - Subtle Brows #6 by Helaene @
- Eyes: Albino by Ren @
- Blush: Pale by Louis / Ren
- Eyeshadow: SimCribbling~ Self-MakeUp #7 Skintones by Louis / Ren
- Eyeliner: Sypher by Ren @
- Mask: Bad Eye Bags by mercosims
- Skintone: Ephemera - BJDSkin - WinterFace by teru_k