Selar Stareck - Vulcan Beauty - Created by Linuslover30

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Uploaded: 21st Feb 2007 at 2:13 AM
Updated: 22nd Feb 2007 at 9:28 AM - Change to Information Pertaining to the Hair on Selar
Selar Stareck

Age: 86 (Vulcan Years)
Astrological Sign: Libra
Aspiration: Romance

Born on Vulcan she was given away by her parents at an early age. She is inflicted with a rare disease that is simply undesirable in the Vulcan culture. An inability to contain or want to contain her emotions. Her mother and father found her more than a handful and she was sent to live with friends in another quadrent. Here Selar flourished and eventually grew up into the Vulcan we all know and adore.

A cross between Gothic and Punk Selar changes her look on a daily basis. Comfortable in converse and jeans, latex and chains. She frequents Nightclubs, Erotic Boutiques and anywhere a little off the wall that is seedy and could be viewed as more than a little questionable!

Selar is close to her brother *Tarek* She has been married once to Vidcund Curious. She has two daughters Rhu and Savv.

Content That Comes With Selar

Selar comes to you with very little custom content. Everything that is in the her package is down below listed and linked too. Now you have the chance to decorate her anyway you sit fit!!

Hair: Maxis Content - Short Hair (Black)
Skintone: SimCribbling Self Makeup # 7 (Pale)
Eyes: Siluettasims - 9 Eyecolours (light Blue)
Brows: Helaene - Subtle (Black)
Clothing: Maxis Content - (Nightlife Suit)

Content Used in Images

Couch - Holy Simoly
Walls - Holy Simoly
Curtains - Holy Simoly
Lamp - Maxis Content
Windows - Windkeeper

Please do not claim Selar as your own creation or enter her into a competition claiming her as your original work either. Sim stealing is not cool and can hurt your pixels. Enjoy!!!

Cheers - Keely (linuslover30)