Men on high heels: Callboy and Rockstar

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Uploaded 6th Jun 2007 at 2:41 AM

Ya, it had been more a suggestion than a request by Knightskykyte to create some sexy re-colours of giantsquid2000 marvellous mesh "male body on platform heels", or, let's say, she put that bug in my ear, and me, always thinking bout making male sims hotter than hell spent some hours at night to do my best... Nighttime is always the right time for lustful thoughts...

Out off my crazy brains came:

1. The "Callboy" (I suppose there'll be no more explainations needed... Just call him!)

2. The Rockstar (I guess we all know what's told 'bout the sssnake...)

The Mesh is not included, but you can download it here without any problems (you just need the basic game):

Many thanxx to giantsquid2000 for the mesh and a big dirty grin to Knightskykyte for her inspiration! Hope u all are pleased and like my creations! :D

Additional Credits:
again thanxx to giantsquid2000 for the platform-heel-mesh
and to SephirothScars for her/his really hot Vince Valentine hairstyle

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