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The Great Aussie Bathroom

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Uploaded: 22nd Jul 2007 at 4:02 PM
Updated: 19th Apr 2009 at 6:19 AM

Since takin up a university course in addition to my now part time work, its been quite impossible to get my hands on creating stuff for the sims. But with the 1 months break, i thought id spent a bit of time sharpening my meshing skills, and not surprisingly, I was very rusty at it. So apologies if some of the objects are not polished and so on.

Ive always thought maxis' bathroom stuff are a bit foreign looking to me, so Ive decided to make some common bathroom things (well in Australia anyway) while sharpening my meshing skills with all the nice shapes that bath things challenged me with. Most of the meshes Id just improvised as I made them, but they turned out pretty alright, well thats what I reckon anyway

Where to find the objects (please refer to picture with objects numbered):

1), 2) - Plumbing > toilet
3), 4), 5) - Plumbing > sink
6), 7), 12) - Plumbing > tubs
8), 9) - Surface > counter
13), 15), 16) - Decorative > wall hanging

10), 14) - Misc > fences
11) - Misc > gates


- Some objects contain recolours, included in the zip with the mesh

- Most of the objects such as the toilets do not have animations, as the designs made the animations awkward. But water still gushes out of taps and shower,/tubs etc

- Ive provided both BASE GAME versions and PETS versions of the bath tubs (6, 7). Both versions are included in the zips, but ive labelled them appropriately (i.e. pets with PETS suffix)

- Shower (12) needs University to function. The showers can be built using the shower screen and door (10, 11) as shown in the pictures, it's pretty versatile though. For 1 tiled showers, you'll need to use the cheat moveobjects on to place the shower inside the screen and door.

- 15, 16 are classified as paintings, but can be used as mirrors

As usual, please report any problems (think i'm really gonna get hammered with the large number of files, there's bound to be some kind of problems) and hopefully you guys'll enjoy the great aussie bath things.

I mentioned this time and time again, but i gotta say thanks to the SimPE creators, the people who provided tutorials in the first place, and lastly, modthesims2 for providing us the medium for creators to share their stuff.

Polygon Counts:
I've arranged the poly counts so they correspond to the numbers given to each object in the picture:

1) - 762
2) - 1488
3) - 1378
4) - 342
5) - 800
6) - 506
7) - 566
8) - 426
9) - 690
10) - 104
11) - 504
12) - 632
13) - 1330
14) - 385
15) - 12
16) - 12

Blake'sBathroomGears = whole set