+ Lady of Carnage

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In the deep woods of England was where they said she kept their mangled bodies...
Lydia Turner was a gentle, sweet woman. She had everything any girl could want; A Loving husband, the perfect house in the perfect town, and friends she could rely on. Or so she assumed. One evening she returned from the market place to find that her husband was having an affair with her closest, and by far her most dearest friend. It was said that when she seen her two loved ones together, something terrible just ate at her..
and right there...in the master bedroom, was now considered the room of horror. People of that perfect town suggest that the agony and torture went on for days, until they finally ended their own lives.
But she didnt stop; Nothing could stop it. Soon after she'd lure victims into her house, and continued the brutal tortures that she performed on her loved ones.
The towns people; however; took justice into their own hands. Locking her in her own house, and ending her life; In hopes of restoring their perfect town to its original glory.

But she still won't stop.

Kinda a corny story line, but I had to make up something for her.
Her name is Lydia, but you may call her The Lady of Carnage.

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