Nice satin sets - Elder Males

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Nice satin sets for him continued - Short PJs for Elders - 4 colors - - - 3rd most popular set of my Nice Satin Sets!
Victor's little story

Victor is a shy old man, and a busy business man. He never thought of himself as a mannequin, and wasn't sure about doing this for me. I asked, and asked, nicely and politely and I was really convincing. I even offered him a free set of PJs, the 4 of these... He didn't want to do it, but... Victor was taught the value of money at young age. He reacted to the word "free". So... well... he did it. And... He doesn't really regret it, but he won't do it again.

Victor is available for download! Click here.

Some elder men don't like long PJs (Victor does prefer them long). So Victor and I are presenting you my new set of satin clothing (short is satin, top is 100% cotton):

Short PJs for your elder men!

Showing under Sleepwear. They work with all versions of the game.
I hope you'll like! Have fun!

Billie xx

Additional Credits:
Original texture (Blossom female texture) taken from York Wall Coverings. 11+ colors made by me, including these 4. Thank you to Hysterical Paroxysm for her tutorial on displaced mapping. Thank you to Victor for accepting kindly (?) to be my one-day-mannequin this time.

Age: Elder
Gender: Male
Clothing Type: Sleepwear
Outfit Type: Full Outfit

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