No Valentine stubble - add a new age group to your game

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Hi again all!
No Valentine stubble - add a new age group to your game

To me there's always been too much of a gap between adult sims and elders. They jump from their 30s to their 80s, or something, blah.

With my 'No Valentine' sets, I am trying to cut that in two and place an 'advanced adult' age somewhere around their 40's or 50's. Of course not everyone will play this new age group, and your teens and young adults might like this stubble too. Keep reading, I have stubble here for all kinds of male sims big enough to grow them.

I have it in sheer or thick, in 8 greying colors, 8 normal colors or the Custom Grey. Click here to access my recent set of No Valentine eyebrows.

Sheer ^


Thick ^


Salt n Pepper ^

The 3 pictures above give you an idea of the colors coming with this set. Check the picture bin below for a view of 'Sheer', 'Thick' and 'Salt N Pepper' stubble at different angles, too.

It's a semi-scruffy look. Half-shaved stubble, for your sims who don't get up on time to be able to shave properly before going to school or work; or those who like a bit of it, but not too much. There's only the 8 normal colors for this set, no greying version.

Thick compared to the sheer version above. Not perfectly symmetrical, natural stubble never is. A few days long. The front of the underpart of the jaw is covered with a thin layer (see picture in the bin), creating a nice natural outline between your sim's jaw and neck. 8 normal colors, 8 greying colors and the unbinned Custom Grey.

The 8 natural colors are for teens, young adults, adults and elders. The 8 Salt N Pepper colors are for adults only. The custom grey is unbinned, so usable by all. Both styles ('sheer' and 'thick') match any of my No Valentine eyebrows, and most other eyebrows out there.

Comparing Maxis stubble with this set ^

3 kinds of files:

'The Easy Standard' - each set is:
- Binned
- One grey per set (linked to the black)
- 4 Maxis-like colors familified
- 16 colors in total (normal + salt n pepper)
- 8 normal colors merged to one file
- 8 'SP' colors (with Salt N Pepper stubble) merged to another file (for 'Thick' only)
- All 2 Sets = 3 files = 24 options in-game (binned)
- WARNING! If you delete any color in the game or in bodyshop, a whole set will be gone

'The Selective Option' - each set is:
- Binned
- One grey per set (linked to the black)
- No families - make your own families with the colors of your choice
- You can delete some colors, the others will stay with you
- 16 colors in total (normal + salt n pepper)
- All 2 Sets = 24 files = 24 options in-game (binned)
- WARNING! Make sure you keep the black, else your elders will have Maxis stubble

'The Trash Heap' - everything is:
- Unbinned, great with non-matchy hair colors and unbinned hair
- 16 colors, plus a 17th color : the custom grey
- No families
- One grey for each color, no need to keep any particular color
- Usable by any sim big enough to grow beard, at any occasion with no restrictions
- WARNING! Whole heap = clutter of 25 unsorted files in EACH of your color bins
- WARNING! Whole heap = big pile of 25 elder stubble, all identical

All 3 kinds of files work perfectly and have proper filenames;

If you try the unbinned ones, you can inflict your teens a weak immune system and give them greying stubble.

Need hair matching this? You can get some here.

You can make recolors. I won't be making neon versions of these, lol, but you can. Just link your recolors here, and link this post there. Crediting me for my original sets would be nice too.

Thanks for trying this, enjoy!

a simple tweaked Maxis template #2, with:
eyes by Barcelonista
Teen Style gothic outfit converted for Adults by cloudlessnights
skintone by Corvidophile2 (her remake of oepu's skintones)
lips by AtomicSpaceKitty (Just Lips) or me (pirates' Neutralizer)
brows and stubble by me
the rest by Maxis

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Phaenoh for her help on the first round of manual binning of facial hair (with the brows), all the knowledge gained from talking to her has been useful here too! I will also mention David Nagel's photoshop brushes. Really useful!

Edit: Thanks MTS2 staff for the gold star!! :D

Bin Type: Binned
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

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