Botox?! No Way!! - Extra Multi-Wearable Wrinkles

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Uploaded 28th Aug 2007 at 9:17 PM · Updated 26th Feb 2008 at 9:07 PM by Onah

This set is for the ladies(and men), who aren't afraid of showing their age.

The set contains four different types of multi-wearable wrinkles, which are ''Wrinkles around eyes'', ''Laughter Lines'', ''Forehead Puckers'' and ''Eye Bags''. Each type has three different shades, which are also combinable. That makes you able to generate extra deep wrinkles for extra dark skintones. (extra-multi-wearable)

These wrinkles, lines or puckers make your sim look, at least, ten years older. It's very useful if you think your sim isn't yet ready to become an elder, but you want her/him to distinguish from your just grown-up sims. The set is also for elders.

Actually every skintone works fine with it. I'm not sure about unnatural skintones(alien,monster and whatever...), since I don't have such skins in my game.You can give a feedback, whether it works with it or not.

Which types my models wear:
Caucasian model: all types
Black model: Forehead Puckers, Eye Bags and Laughter Lines
Asian model: Wrinkles around eyes and Eye Bags
Hispanic model: Forehead Puckers and Laughter Lines
Male model: all types

You're allowed to include them in a simfile, that you want to upload. But please credit me and link to this post.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to AichPee for the ''Multi-Wearable Tutorial''

Comments and replies are always appreciated

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